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    Default Back To Black longevity issues? A solution..

    Like many of you, I'm a huge fan of this amazing fragrance but as we all know there can be longevity issues. I've posted many times before that sometimes the juice lasts a few hours before withering away into a soft powdery death, and other times it will last and last as an incredible tobacco scent. I can't believe it took me this long to realize what was causing these two separate outcomes.

    This juice requires dabbing. Heavy concentrations in small spots, almost little puddles the skin can absorb up. Don't rub it into your skin, just dab/swath a thick trail of juice on each side of your neck and allow it to soak in. Hasta la vista, longevity issues.

    Spraying may get you lots of coverage/projection but it won't last long. I suppose you could both dab -and- spray for the best of both worlds. I woke up this morning and as I was making my coffee I was getting nice whiffs of BtB still, which I applied to the top of my hand approximately 18 hours ago (yesterday afternoon).

    Hopefully this advice assists those who love the scent but wish it lasted longer.

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    Default Re: Back To Black longevity issues? A solution..

    Thanks for that advice, I have some fragrances that are renowned to project well like new haarlem, but they dont seem to project well, I have no issues with longevity, however I have been double spraying it on both sides of my head from pretty much point blank range. Problem is it lasts but does not PROJECT...

    Does anyone else think that spraying and getting more coverage will aid in projection??

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