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    Default MI longevity and Creed 'Bloom'

    Yep, MI longevity/ batch thread...

    I have recently purchased a bottle of Millesime Imperial. This is lot # c3311n01, which I have read is among the best of 2011. It smells fantastic. I am though experiencing the same longevity issues that everyone complains about with every batch of MI. I do find a modest skin scent that seems to last forever if sprayed in the inside of the bend of the elbow which leads me to believe that this could wind up lasting much longer as it ages.
    I know that Creeds are expected to become richer as they mature. I have experienced it with other fragrances (Creeds/ Amouages etc).

    Do you typically find that longevity increases with MI as it 'matures'. I don't see a lot of people who are reporting longevity issues reiterate this 3 months in, a year in etc...
    Just curious.

    ps- Kron/ Hepherd, if you are reading this, I am very interested in your take.


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