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    Default Ck one appreciation thread

    i know , this scent is flamed by many and hated. but I feel that there is something magical about it. It was probably one of everyones first scents and has a very well deserved place in the fragrance hall of fame. I really appreciate its simplicity. It reminds me of younger days of carefree afternoons and highschool parties. Its actually a nice scent with all its citrus and jasmine green tea accords. This scent is just what you want to wear when you dont want to think about wearing anything. So , with that I appreciate CK One. great stuff

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    CK one is a very easy to like scent, i don't see anyone hating this, it is a classic, the fact that my bottle has just one or two sprays left in it makes me sad, it is time for a refill i guess! am thinking of getting a flanker this time, like ck one summer blablabla... does anyone knows the perfect flanker for ck one ? something more fresher perhaps to try...

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    Don't hate CK One, it's ok but not one of my favorites really. However I do enjoy CK One Summer the 2012 Edition. Smells really refreshing and I like it.

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    I have to confess I have never owned nor smelled it :$ :$ :$

    But I don't know if it would fit my wardrobe though.

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    the 2012 Summer version is exactly the same as the 2009. i have both and they are identical. the only summer flankers worth getting are the amazing 2005 ..briliance and 2010..very masculine good stuff

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    I spritzed some on my arm at a fragrance counter recently, it had been years since I'd worn it. It was so good I almost had to fight back tears. Yeah, it was a very good year. I have a new bottle in my wardrobe.

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    cK one has been overshadowed by:

    cK One Shock for Him by Calvin Klein - One is initially treated to a mildly fresh accord. Clementine, with its sweet orangey and faint floral facets, lavender with its clean, herbal character, as well as cumcumber, with its medicinal, sea-like aspect, all commingle in a brisk concoction. A cloud of something, perhaps aldehydes or the cryptic, energy drink accent, imparts an effervescence to the invigorating blend. Transitioning to the heart, a field day with herbs is had. Leafy, black basil, with its licorice accent, vivacious and woody black pepper as well as mildly spicy and sweet cardamom encase the opening. A nascent tobacco serves as a backdrop to the herbal jubilation. Segueing to the base, the rich and spicy tabacco has come into full bloom, while an earthy mustiness of patchouli flitters about. A pleasant ambrene wood infuses its laurel-like, sweet and spicy, woody overtures. And, a casheran musk imparts its velvety, somewhat floral bouquet. An enjoyable drydown ensues. This versatile composition is an all-season scent with average projection and average longevity, 6-8 hours. Its favorable price point makes this fragrance even more welcomed.

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    Default Re: Ck one appreciation thread

    I'll give this one props, it smells very nice. Not the most potent mofo, but smells very pleasing (surprisingly pleasing actually).

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    Default Re: Ck one appreciation thread

    I adore Ck One Shock... love the gourmand composition.. a definitel departure from the original CK One

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    Default Re: Ck one appreciation thread

    anyone else find it similar to issey miyake?

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