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    Default Perfume Connection Closing Down Sale

    Just came back from Chadstone, PC shop is preparing for a final close down and it is stocked to the roof with boxes of testers going for $10 (example Bogart pour Homme, Tuscany per Uomo), $25 (examples Lou Lou, Paco Rabanne, Pleasures for Men) and $50 (Boss Bottled Night) and who knows what else is lurking in there. Examples are what I could remember ... apparently this is happening in all of their stores. All non testers are 25% off. Its a bit crazy in there and the staff is running around trying to serve hordes of people but with that kind of pricing I guess it is all forgiven. For a full list what they have in stock I visited their website which also has reduced pricing but nowhere near what I saw in the actual brick and mortar shop. Designers bonanza ... please post if you bought anything at what price and where! TY

    PS Finally TJ Maxx pricing in Australia, yay!
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    Yeah their website prices are above retail. i will have to walk in to chadstone and see for my self. maybe grab a few cheapies

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