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    Default Glass Stoppered Bottles

    I remember as a child, my mother had a collection of perfumes. Many came in miniature glass stoppered bottles. I can't find glass stoppered bottles anywhere except for large 60 ml. that I found a chemical supply place. Any hints?

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    Default Re: Glass Stoppered Bottles

    AFF has some 1/2 oz and 1 oz ones - clear and cobalt:

    And these different shaped 9ml ones:
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    Default Re: Glass Stoppered Bottles

    Resurrecting this old thread with a question:

    Are glass stoppered bottles OK to store perfume in, really? Does the perfume suffer any for being stored in them, do they leak and does the stopper get stuck often (I've heard about that problem a lot but don't know how big a problem it really is.)

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    Default Re: Glass Stoppered Bottles

    In my experience, the stopper doesn't get stuck with regular use. It can get stuck after years if not used. Nor should it leak if the cap is well done (which isn't to say it doesn't happen - I once had an ebay purchase leak).

    As for long term conservation, I don't know. Oxygen is an enemy (though not as much as light), and dab bottles likely don't
    keep as good a seal as sprays. When a dab bottle seemed problematic, I transferred the contents to an Arabian style oil bottle (the one with the stick in the cap), which seem to keep a very good seal. But I don't know if this does any good.


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    Default Re: Glass Stoppered Bottles

    Something I have noticed is that in various perfumers organs that one has seen any pictures of, the bottles are the clear glass stopper kind with quite a lot of space between the top and the liquid. I have often wondered if this did them any harm due to the oxygen and light. Mine are all in screw topped brown bottles for the light, but in a creative frenzy, it would be nice to get the tops off more easily. Maybe they are in such regular use, that stoppered bottles and oxygen is not an issue.
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    Default Re: Glass Stoppered Bottles
    Good shipping policies for overseas customers.

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    Default Re: Glass Stoppered Bottles

    There are some smaller glass-stoppered bottles here too:
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