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    Default Re: Byredo line anyone using it?

    Accord oud and Sunday cologne are my favourites, and I would own them if only ............$$$?

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    Default Re: Byredo line anyone using it?

    I don't love the entire line. My favorite by far is Oud Immortel (one of my all time favorites period).
    Gypsy Water, Bal d'Afrique are also great. Pulp is wonderful in the summer.

    I HATE M/Mink. You will smell like you fell into a giant mens urinal.

    7 Veils. Great name, but you will smell like you fell into a giant carrot cake.

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    Default Re: Byredo line anyone using it?

    Funny that this thread resurfaced. I in fact found a bottle of the rather obscure and limited edition Bullion at about 1/3 off a few days ago and it is on the way to me now. I sampled this at Barneys a couple of years ago and it has been on my radar ever since. It is perhaps their best followed by Pulp and M-ink.
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    6. Byredo Bullion
    7. Masque Milano Russian Tea

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    Default Re: Byredo line anyone using it?

    I have Byredo Chembur - a simple, linear, nothing new ...

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    Default Re: Byredo line anyone using it?

    I really like Accord Oud , it has really good sillage on my skin. My only complaint are Byredo's prices.

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    Default Re: Byredo line anyone using it?

    Byredo's bottles look a little like Frederic Malle, but the similarity ends there. They don't focus on the unique vision their perfumers (Giacobetti, Epinette), but follow the vision of Ben Gorham, the founder and creative director. Gorham and Byredo are Swedish in origin and sensibility, but incorporate international influences from the world of fashion and art, mostly postmodern and very contemporary creations.

    I like artistic and challenging boundary bending fragrance ideas, but I have difficulty liking most of Byredo. I like M/Mink. The others are interesting but are hard to wear for me. Even M/Mink is hard to wear so I know many won't like it. I recommend giving them a try - it's an adventure.
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    Default Re: Byredo line anyone using it?

    I have only tried Rose Noir..
    Great imo and last 6 hours from 3 sprays..
    The line is overpriced

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    Default Re: Byredo line anyone using it?

    Funny that this came up... got Baudelaire in the mail and loving it. The others in this line have not impressed me.

    100ml for around $225 USD - there's other brands that are more overpriced.
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    Default Re: Byredo line anyone using it?

    Get them from StrawberryNet when they have a sale.

    I picked up M/Mink and Pulp (two of my favourites, alongside Rose Noir) for 25% off, having combined their discounts (10% loyalty, the fairly regular 10% off all fragrances, and 5% for buying 6 items).

    AUD$175 for 100mL shipped ain't too shabby, and gerbick is right - there are brands that cost a lot more that do a lot less.

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    Default Re: Byredo line anyone using it?

    (not spam...) If anyone's interested I have a full brand new set of 1.5ml spray samples for the line. PM me for details.
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    Default Re: Byredo line anyone using it?

    Another Byredo fragrance that impressed me is Baudelaire. VERY nice! Now I'm not sure which I'd go for first--Accord Oud or Baudelaire.
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    Default Re: Byredo line anyone using it?

    Oud Immortel and Baudelaire, both of which I love.

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    Default Re: Byredo line anyone using it?

    I have tried about five of them but none were FB worthy. I like Pulp the most but after I finished a 2 ml sample I was bored with it.

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    Default Re: Byredo line anyone using it?

    Love Black Saffron and Bal D'Afrique. The former is like a luscious, juicy raspberry whose skin is made of leather. The latter I liken to dub "baby boy Chanel". If Chanel's DNA is that vintage powdery resin, then Bal D'Afrique is for those who appreciate and respect Chanel but are sensitive to its dense fogginess. Bal D'Afrique is lighter, smoother and more casual as well as unisex. A baby boy Chanel it is

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    Default Re: Byredo line anyone using it?

    I love Bal D'Afrique and I think Inflorescence is a great scent for women. I love how this perfumer makes the perfumes light and versatile.
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