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Thread: DSH Rose Vert

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    Question DSH Rose Vert

    I was wondering if anyone had tried this. I am in the market for a natural rose lately. I think I have sample somewhere but can't seem to find it. I recall it being basically good rose oils over a base of oakmoss absolute.

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    Haven't tried that one but the Serge Lutens Rose and Une Rose are very natural smelling roses.
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    Default Re: DSH Rose Vert

    I'd also add Eau Rose by Diptyque as a nice smelling rose.

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    Default Re: DSH Rose Vert

    I haven't smelled that one either, but I'll put it on my watch list for sure. Sounds lovely.

    As for natural smelling rose scents I *do* know of...

    I'll give a +1 to Hedonist's excellent suggestion of Une Rose by Frederic Malle (probably the best rose soliflore on the market, but $$$$).

    Another rose scent that is very natural smelling and made of 100% natural ingredients is a solid scent by Aftelier called Roses. OK, so they aren't going to win any innovation awards on the name, and it too is pricey, but it does smell very nice and you can't get any more natural.
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    Default Re: DSH Rose Vert

    No, but I have tried a few DSH scents and IMO they are very good. Not sure what the notes are in Rose Vert, but just be aware that when she uses patchouli it is usually somewhat prominent.

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