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    Default Re: POWER House fragrances!

    Quote Originally Posted by Le Grand Duc View Post
    One word: ANTAEUS!

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    Default Re: POWER House fragrances!

    Hi all,

    Yesterday (Saturday) I purchase a 3.4 fl. oz. bottle of AZZARO PH at Marshall's for $32.00 (tax included) which I believe is a pretty good deal. However, as much as I LOVE the fragrance (as mentioned in another thread) AZZARO PH pulls a "Houdini" near disappearing act within ONE hour on "Yours Truly" SixCats! aka The Black Hole of Scents. I'm NOT too happy about this situation. I'm thinking I'm going to have to go MID EVIL (Pulp Fiction) on it's (my Skin) and try BOGART next!



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    Default Re: POWER House fragrances!

    Gray Flannal I think only Joop could rival the power of this scent

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    Cool Re: POWER House fragrances!

    Quote Originally Posted by scentimus View Post
    Gray Flannal I think only Joop could rival the power of this scent
    True, but beware of the dark (sickly sweet) side!

    Grey Flannel and original Polo get my vote. If Tuscany/Etruscan is a left hook to the jaw, Polo is a karate master's open hand heel strike to the nose sending the septum crashing into the brain. Nevertheless there's an element of refinement to it which is not to be found in more pedestrian powerhouses, eg; Carlo Corinto Classic.


    Cat, the olfactory fatigue of Azzaro may be an illusion. Ask others if they smell it on you. If not, well there's Tuscany/Etruscan. I agree with Ken about Versace l'homme and I can't blame you for being on the fence about Aramis.
    Back in the day it was considered masculine but not an uber-manly powerhouse---It was . . .more refined and elegant instead!
    Suitable for formal occasions, etc.

    Nowadays, it's easy to get the "Brut-Drakka Noir' curse with it: Some pot bellied middle aged man with an open collar reminiscent of Disco Stu clapping you on the back and greeting you with a "And how are you, my friend? "

    Carnal Flower may be the 21st century's answer to Aramis, though I think it's more suitable for women. Not feminine, not lipstick accord or any such thing but---just smells better on them.

    As usual, this is simply my humble, subjective and infallible opinion.


    And while bemoaning our mutual financial condition, take a look at Naed_Nitram's review of the expensive and discontinued Macassar (I only scored a decant but it's everything it's cracked up to be and more.) This should either inspire you to achieve greater things, or just bum you out because you can't afford it--but it IS a powerhouse, if there ever was one!

    Cheers. And welcome back to the madness, indeed!

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    My Antaeus can beat up your Armani.

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