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    Default Alot of Love alot of Female compliment

    I just wanted to Share This....I get alot of Love alot of female compliments by wearing "Montale Black Auod" Can anyone please recommend other scents in this class Of cologne that I can purchase???...Thanks!!!

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    Default Re: Alot of Love alot of Female compliment

    ...for female compliments; see thread "Sticky: Which scent gets you the most female compliments"?
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    Default Re: Alot of Love alot of Female compliment

    Micallef Royal Aoud Rose

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    Default Re: Alot of Love alot of Female compliment

    I can recommend wearing fragrances for your own enjoyment rather than to attract women. There are many more important qualities that women look for in a man; put it this way, if she's giving it up just because you smell pleasant, I'd think seriously about her character. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I get a bit annoyed with endless threads for the perfect scent to attract women. NEWSFLASH: It doesn't exist. Try using old-fashioned methods like politeness, a good sense of humour and general intelligence. (Yes, I know, don't read the thread if you don't like the title etc, etc)

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