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    Default A new YouTube Channel - Fumerie Hilaire

    I thought I just let my fellow Basenoters that I've started spouting waffle in a highly goofy fashion on YouTube, I have my fingers crossed people will enjoy -

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    Default Re: A new YouTube Channel - Fumerie Hilaire

    Hillaire, I am going to watch it when I come in from gardening. I'm looking forward to it!

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    Default Re: A new YouTube Channel - Fumerie Hilaire

    Thank you IngaMi! Please feel free to subscribe and comment I love feedback!

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    Thanks , Hilaire !
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    Default Re: A new YouTube Channel - Fumerie Hilaire

    They're very enjoyable to watch. Good work!

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    Default Re: A new YouTube Channel - Fumerie Hilaire

    You have an interesting style: impressionistic without being so subjective as to not translate. Also, your extemporaneous style is refreshing and pretty unique among the reviewers that I've seen. Kudos.
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    Default Re: A new YouTube Channel - Fumerie Hilaire

    I love that you do your reviews in real time, unrehearsed. Straight off the cuff, so to speak!! Keep them coming.

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    Default Re: A new YouTube Channel - Fumerie Hilaire

    And your reviews are great my friend. You get better and better with each one. I have seriously enjoyed your presentations and have learned a great deal. I especially appreciate the fragrances you recommended for difficult skin types. Please continue to review. William-NYC

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    Default Re: A new YouTube Channel - Fumerie Hilaire

    Fascinating. But, now, I'm confused. I have long hair, and a beard, and a van, but also two homes and an apartment. It does happen that I go out and about in my van, and sleep in it. It also happens that I hole up in one of my homes and don't come out for days. On the other hand, it also happens that I wear suits and tuxes: I used to buy a great many Christian Dior suits, or Dior Homme as they are now known, and I still wear them, only because at one point Hedi Slimane designed them, so they fit me. I wear quite a lot of jeans as well, and some are really torn up and frayed: But they're all Dior, as, even now, these are the only pant bottoms I can get to fit ready made, with a few exceptions: Sometimes vintage levi's fit if I can find the W28 L36 size, which, obviously, is difficult. I didn't much care for the three original "prive" launches: I have all three. I like M7, by Yves Saint Laurent, though, the "original" French Oud, but I would say I'd be inclined only to wear the after shave, as the EdT i find suffocating. I was most interested in Oud Isaphan, and had planned on buying a bottle: I've smelled it, and I must say I rather like it. After having watched your presentation, though, I think I've changed my mind, as I intended to wear this *only* when in frayed jeans and Belgian clothes: I don't think, in fact I know, I would never consider letting Oud Isaphan anywhere near my suits, neither would I wear it to any black tie event, as I can just imagine that it would be a bit much on a dance floor, to say the least. I'm so pleased to know about this "association" you make, because, personally, I would have never thought along those lines: I reckon your assumption is on spot, though: I'd be just as well served by M7 apres rasage as I would this: These scents that last forever tend to drive me quite insane: It's why I'm not fond of the other Dior Prive scents: They are just too potent. So much for me. One detail, now, for you. If you are to do these live reviews, and speak with this confidence and verve, which is entertaining, you might want to know that the word sillage is pronounced, even in english, and here I transliterate, see-ahsjh (end like Zsa Zsa (Gabor,) but backwards, begin like sea or Holy See.)
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    Default Re: A new YouTube Channel - Fumerie Hilaire

    Beastial? Hehehe, awesome. Thanks for posting!

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    Default Re: A new YouTube Channel - Fumerie Hilaire

    Goodness me! Thank you chaps and chapesses! What fantastic feedback, I must say I'm very happy you all liked my latest review, it was fun to make

    @Le Mouchoir de Monsieur, you have my deepest apologies for my poor Franglaise pronunciation. I shall endeavour to say see-ahsjh henceforth. Of course I knew that to be the correct pronunciation, but being at heart terribly John Bull-ish and Ros-bif I do sometimes ignore the proper French pronunciation of words, I always say Tat-in-ger rather than Teh-tonzhair and Bol-inger rather than Bol-onzhair much to my dear Champenoise friend's chagrin (which, perversely, I do pronounce correctly as Shag-ran!).

    I do understand your confusion and ultimate reticence to wear Oud Ispahan for formal occasions, especially if you have any rather nice dinner jackets to preserve. Obviously one could counter that by attempting to wear OI only on skin but we all know that something this potent would end up rubbing off onto one's clothing. My view about casual wear is only fairly flippant it must be said, and I don't suppose anyone would really think it out of place no matter what length your various hairs may be I think the long haired and be-bearded could revel in wearing this since they would of course be transformed into the Sufi mystic for whom this Isfahani mirage was designed.

    Genuinely, huge thanks everyone, I hope future videos will keep you entertained!
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    Default Re: A new YouTube Channel - Fumerie Hilaire

    This guy is about as knowledgeable as it gets on youtube, in my opinion. Everybody check out his vids!

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    Default Re: A new YouTube Channel - Fumerie Hilaire

    Quote Originally Posted by jamwires View Post
    This guy is about as knowledgeable as it gets on youtube, in my opinion. Everybody check out his vids!

    Well now, this guy ^ has one of the most useful and informative and entertaining channels about fragrance on all of Youtube, so this is extremely high praise, which I am extremely flattered by!

    Thanks Mr.

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    Default Re: A new YouTube Channel - Fumerie Hilaire

    Hi, i live in uk in West midlands. I have seen a video of yours.

    By the way i saw some of your youtube videos. I think you are doing well. Keep it up Lol. Good show.

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