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    Hey guys,
    Is there anyone here that would be interested in joining a different community where we share fragrance samples with each other? (No it's not a new kind of forum or anything like that). The website is up and running and only be private invitation only. So it has a searchable database, lets say you want to try a certain fragrance you can just search and see if it's available and write to that item and the one that has that sample will get an email notification.

    We also have a wishlist so lets see that I noticed that "John" wanted to try Erolfa, I could just write and he would get a message and then we'd take it from there.

    People that are just after free stuff will not be coming back. PM me if you are interested and if you have any decent samples up for sharing. It's still new, and please no scammers or anything like that.

    So if interested PM me:
    - your email address
    - the samples you have that you are willing to swap etc.
    - only if you're serious and not a scammer - instant banning if so!

    Personally I feel like there is a gap in the "market" for this. We all have so darn many samples - why not share with each other and create the ultimate "library".

    I'm TheFragranceGuy that Rob mentions in this video:

    Or would you rather buy everything from the perfumedcourt and pay for it or rather share it?
    Contact me.
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