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    Default Perfumes in unpressurized luggage compartment

    Due to the safety regulations it is now days easier to put perfumes to luggage than to take them to cabin. How should the perfume be packed, so that it doesn't leak out of the bottle in the unpressurized luggage compartment? On my last flight almost all my Jo Malone Orange Blossom had leaked out (admittedly I had two stretches to and fro meaning four takeoffs and landings). My beauty box smelled lovely but I'd rather know how to avoid this in the future?

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    Default Re: Perfumes in unpressurized luggage compartment

    I had about 10ml or so left in my old bottle of Acqua Di Gio 2 years ago. I went on a flight and put the bottle in my checked luggage. When I got off the plane and opened my suitcase later, I instantly smelled Acqua Di Gio. The pressure in the plane had caused my cologne to explode out of my bottle. I don't know if it all came out the sprayer b/c the bottle was in perfect condition, but it was ALL gone. I've never had it happen before or after that. I think it was b/c it was so low on juice. I don't know how to pack it without it getting affected by the unpressurized cargo hold.
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    Default Re: Perfumes in unpressurized luggage compartment

    Parafilm should help. This is a stretchy, plastic film that is non-adhesive; it sticks to itself.

    You can buy small amounts on eBay. Get the 4 inch wide kind, either a 5' or 10' length. Cut a piece about 1" by 4" wide. Holding one end over the neck of the cap and bottle, stretch it slowly as you wind it around the neck and shoulder area over the bottle and the cap. (Don't apply it under the cap as it will be hard to get the cap off if you do-- learned from experience.)

    This is also useful to prevent evaporation or leaks when mailing fragrances, which are similarly transported in a low-pressure environment.

    Parafilm on eBay:
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