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    Whats up guys?

    Is it really(Cuba Prestige) smells like a*men, malt? Or even animale animale?

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    Hi there I just posted a thread under the forum. Yes Cuba Prestige Smells identical to A*men. Same longevity and projection. You can not go wrong with Prestige if A*men is your sort of thing.

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    Not identical. Prestige is good but A*Men is better. Smell them side by side and you will see they aren't identical.
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    Ok maybe not identical per se but have the same feel and I agree A*men is better because of higher quality ingredients. For the price of Prestige and the smell it's not bad though.

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    What's the longevity/projection like on Cuba Prestige?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UKisGR8 View Post
    Not identical. Prestige is good but A*Men is better.
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    They are close enough for me that I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything not having A*men. And the longevity/protection is very good.

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    I agree they are similar for sure but not identical - for the price - Prestige is definitely a good buy.

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