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    Default Re: Paper Passion: The Smell of a new Books/Paper fragrance!

    I get this what I think of as "Papyrus" smell from Dior Homme.

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    Default Re: Paper Passion: The Smell of a new Books/Paper fragrance!

    I tried this one. I was quite curious, but unfortunately I didn't really catch on to PP. It seems it's trying to carve out a position somewhere between challenging "stinky" industrial frags like M/Mink and the CdG's Synthetics series on one pole and the totally abstract, intellectual and hysterically understated nothingness of frags like Eau d'Italie's Sienne l'Hiver etc. on the other.

    I don't think it quite manages to establish that platform for itself - the opening is interesting, highly industrial-chemical and unusual (in other word, the "usual" CdG territory), the middle is muted (I think that's where the paper metaphor comes through the most) in a way that's so minimalist as to border on almost indetectible (as in Sienne l'Hiver), but the dry-down, where the whole composition is supposed to come together and PP do something that hasn't already been done by those others, is really disappointing. The dry-down smells like so many other niche offerings, rather sweet, "weird conventional" if there's such a thing (and leans heavily on Odeur 53 towards the end, I think). All in all, an interesting experience but not unusual enough in my opinion to be FBW given the very strong competition PP so energetically quotes and builds upon but never quite manages to catch up with, let alone surpass.

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    Default Re: Paper Passion: The Smell of a new Books/Paper fragrance!

    The smell of paper is used quite a lot in perfumery via 'Lignum', which is definitely used in Dzing and is a substitute for a type of 'sweet wood' vibe.

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    Default Re: Paper Passion: The Smell of a new Books/Paper fragrance!

    i totally want to attract a librarian

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    Default Re: Paper Passion: The Smell of a new Books/Paper fragrance!

    Quote Originally Posted by noirdrakkar View Post
    i totally want to attract a librarian
    Gucci Pour Homme II. Not kidding! Or probably Tea For Two (I don't own it, so really, I'm gust guessing about that one).

    One of the neat things about scents is how different scents attract different people. We all know how some scents smell sporty. I think there's something intellectual about the a tea based scent such as GphII.

    Librarians are awesome. Women who work in bookstores are too. Come to think of it, so are the women who frequent libraries and bookstores. God, I love smart women. Swoon!

    Quote Originally Posted by ajolie7 View Post
    I sampled. I'm bummed. It's almost pure wood. (Cedarwood, perhaps? I hope not because I'm allergic to that stupid tree.) It's wood with an inky twang that peeks out at times. Something about it is super spicy, almost like heavy dried tobacco leaf. If I use my imagination to find paper, I associate it more with newspaper than freshly printed book paper. I suppose I can grasp a whiff of a used paperback - one that has been read at a beach, on a plane ride, and in a dusty dorm by a chain-smoking college student. I wanted a new book smell. I wanted ozone/toner note more than I wanted traditional ink, and I hoped for that sharp yet somehow sweet glue note in A New Perfume by Comme des Garcons. I might cry now. I wish CdG would put out a second synthetic line and let us pick the concepts.
    Well that's a bummer. I was curious about this one. It must be quite a challenge to try to turn a known smell, such as the scent of paper, into something to be worn. I love the smell of a bookstore. I also love the smell of the bakery aisle of a grocery store when they're making bread. But I wouldn't want to wear the smell of fresh bread, nor would that smell on a woman do anything for me other than make me think she works in a bakery and didn't have time for a shower before heading out for the evening.
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    Default Re: Paper Passion: The Smell of a new Books/Paper fragrance!

    It smells nothing like paper.

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    Default Re: Paper Passion: The Smell of a new Books/Paper fragrance!

    I wore it a few times. I can see the attempt to link it to the smell of paper. But it had too much of a chemical/plastic note to it. If overapplied, it is suffocating. I had hopes for this one, but sadly, it missed being a "paper passion" by a mile for me.

    I appreciate the attempt, and the creativity (unless it was stumbled upon completely by mistake), but they should have held off on this until they got it just right. A paper/old book smell would probably have a niche place in the fragrance world.
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    Default Re: Paper Passion: The Smell of a new Books/Paper fragrance!

    Disappointing reviews, ordered a sample to test for myself and will see in a few days for myself. I admire the effort though to create something different than the regular plethora of mass produced scents that copy and than re-copy each other ad nauseaum. Hopefully this is just the first attempt for this line and they'll keep working to create that new book / old tome smell that some of us long for.

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