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    Default 'Vintage' Dior Homme Intense - 50ml vs 100ml. Value?

    Hello all,

    DHI is a fragrance I'm really fond of, but over time (and after running out) I have kind of drifted away from it and I now need to stock up once again. The bottle I owned was reformulated. I've read reviews about the vintage juice and very keen to try!

    I read on one thread that someone/few BN'ers felt that the 50ml seemed more potent over the 100ml. Is the difference noticeable or just very subtle? Any difference in longevity or projection?

    Finally, what is a realistic value for a 50ml and 100ml bottle? One (price) that someone would actually pay lol.


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    Default Re: 'Vintage' Dior Homme Intense - 50ml vs 100ml. Value?

    I have also heard that 50ml is more potent than 100ml but since I only have 100ml I can't comment.

    As for the price, I would not pay more than $100 for a vintage DHI 100ml and even $100 is if I run out. It's an excellent scent no doubt, but I can't wear it every day, especially in the summer; although I sometimes do 1 spray to the neck during cool summer nights.

    But I've seen prices go up towards the $250 for a vintage 100ml on eBay and I think that is just ridiculous, especially when you can buy 120ml creed for that price online.

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    Default Re: 'Vintage' Dior Homme Intense - 50ml vs 100ml. Value?

    Also only have the 100ml but find it hard to understand how the smaller size could be stronger than the large size.

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    Default Re: 'Vintage' Dior Homme Intense - 50ml vs 100ml. Value?

    For me 50mls would be plenty enough, considering it's uniqueness and it being suited only for certain occasions....when I choose to bring it out, I'll have enough to last me for awhile and also I heard it something you don't want to overspray so take that into consideration.

    The only reason I'd go for more is if your'e worried about it being discontinued and it not being available for purchase once again.

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    Default Re: 'Vintage' Dior Homme Intense - 50ml vs 100ml. Value?

    50 euro max. for vintage 50ml
    70 euro max. for vintage 100ml

    Juice from same batches have to be same and not depending on size of bottle. Its like saying that 1 glass of milk tastes different than 2 glasses of same milk...
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    Default Re: 'Vintage' Dior Homme Intense - 50ml vs 100ml. Value?

    Thanks all. My thoughts exactly on the 50ml vs 100ml. I cant see why they'd fill either bottle with different concentrations, it'd just be more work.

    Thankfully, its not a popular fragrance around here I'll check my local stores, they may still have testers of the vintage stuff. May ask to buy that instead!

    Is there any way to identify a vintage version just from the box? Any codes/numbers to look for on the base?

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    Default Re: 'Vintage' Dior Homme Intense - 50ml vs 100ml. Value?

    I have both 50ml and 100ml vintage - they are the same. I don't think there is enough difference between vintage and reformulated to justify the price difference.

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