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    Default Is this site for real?

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    Default Re: Is this site for real?

    $50 shipped for 3.4 oz allure homme sport is a great price... I have no idea about that site though.

    Definitely suspect, and a number of the products they sell have been known to be faked...

    Anyone willing to take the risk? haha
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    Default Re: Is this site for real?

    Just be sure that if you decide to purchase, that your purchase is protected.

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    Default Re: Is this site for real?

    According to Google Chrome, the site is not verified nor encrypted. This can often happen in home pages and browsing windows, but when you go to checkout or to log in, a (trustworthy) site redirects to a secure site.
    I would not even enter my e-mail address on this site.

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    Default Re: Is this site for real?


    EDIT: Just to pre-empt: This is the same company, they apparently shut down their previous site, and now use this one, without the word "mall" in their name. I found the ratings with a quick googling of their phone number (646-389-3743). You've been warned.
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