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    Default Dark Evening-Inside Summer Scent...

    I'm looking for something for the summer evening, it can be a little more heavier since it will be primarily worn inside.

    I really wanted Dior Intense but fragrancenet ran out as soon as I was ready to buy, now I'm looking for other options. I may not be able to replace DHI, just looking for something else worthwhile. I was thinking maybe Chergui, maybe Rose 31...I don't know.

    I really wanted to kinda sucks they ran out at that moment. I have in my collection: Angel Men, Pure Havane, One Million..these can be kinda cloying in the summer though..then I have my more fresh stuff: Aventus, Green Irish Tweed...I also just ordered an ounce of Virign Island Water and an ounce of Milesime Imperial...and 10mls of Bleeker Street.

    Open to suggestions...I'm kinda looking for something dark like DHI is but I'm open to others since I'm also considering something a little more light le labo 31 but it may not be worth it.

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    Default Re: Dark Evening-Inside Summer Scent...

    After Midnight by The Different Company.

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    Default Re: Dark Evening-Inside Summer Scent...

    Why can't you buy DHI somewhere else? Check

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    Default Re: Dark Evening-Inside Summer Scent...

    No problems with more dark "heavy" fragrances in the summer evening. Just go easy on the trigger, and you can wear whatever you want. If you love DHI, you probably don`t like stuff such as Antaeus, Santos, Polo, Yatagan, Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui etc.
    -I suggest Dior Fahrenheit! A little dark, a little heavy, but not too much. Timeless, yet modern and very very sexy. Fits most occasions, and perfect on a summer evening for a man with style.

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    Default Re: Dark Evening-Inside Summer Scent...

    I'd recommend Antaeus.
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    Default Re: Dark Evening-Inside Summer Scent...

    Dark sweets, wearable under the conditions you described

    L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Extrême
    Héritage EdP
    Mazzolari Patchouly
    Musc Ravageur
    Rochas Man
    (esp. Rochas Man Intense)
    Ambre Sultan
    Bvlgari Black
    Eau Lente
    Fahrenheit Absolute
    Opium pour Homme EdP
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    Default Re: Dark Evening-Inside Summer Scent...


    Corps et Ames by Parfumerie Generale - Upon application, one is treated to a somewhat fresh gust of leafy greenness, with a fruity and minty undertone, from the developing, bourbon geranium. Magical aldehydes add sparkle and brilliance to the verdancy. Transitioning to the heart, the maturing, bourbon geranium takes on a lovely, sweet rose character, and commingles with a faint, sweetish jasmine. Syrupy immortelle infuses the floral-ish brew with its straw-like and burnt sugar facets, as well as an undercurrent of zesty celery and curry. A slight, body odor dirtiness presents. This enticing melange meanders to the waiting base. A creamy sandalwood interplays with a soft leather, mossy oakmoss, and earthy patchouli. And, a whisper of soapiness as well as sweetly exotic incense flutter about. A mildly dark, yet relaxing, drydown ensues. This masculine composition is well-crafted with quality ingredients, and has average projection and good longevity.

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