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    Default Schiaparelli Shocking et al.

    A quick search didn't reveal any other suitable threads, so I'll restart one.

    I had bought on ebay some vintage Schiaparelli Shocking, in the torso bottle, without flowers left (not that I cared) - 1/3 full for a great price. Unfortunately, alas, the worst happened during shipping. First, it had been shipped as is, that is, with the torso inside the glass jar. Of course, the glass jar cracked - but I wouldn't have cared. The worst is that the bottle, which is dab, wasn't properly sealed, so it all spilled out. The horror! I was immediately reimbursed, but I'm still lamenting the loss. Lesson learned: if I buy, I need to ask the seller to: separate glass jar and torso (glass within glass is not a good idea), and, above all, sealing the bottle or transferring the juice elsewhere.

    In any case, the seller had put the thing inside a ziploc bag. I have used handkerchiefs to absorb the juice, so now I have a few handkerchiefs around the house that smell heavnely, and my closet, where I am keeping the ziploc bag, emanates the vapors. This shocking, whatever version it was, was a wonderful sweet woody animalic - not as animalic as some comments would lead one to believe (probably because now we're used to MKK and the like), but animalic in the Tabu tradition. Great.

    Incidentally, unrelated to perfumes, I recently saw the exhibition at the Metropolitan museum of Prada and Schiaparelli. Highly recommended. Schiaparelli was as innovative and inspiring as Prada, and seeing the real clothes rather than a photo stresses this even more.


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    Default Re: Schiaparelli Shocking et al.

    Oh Cacio - I am very sorry to hear this happened. It's a loss for sure and I am happy you got your money back . Really, it amazes me how some Ebay sellers pack items - and not in a good way .
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