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    Default THRIFT Shop finds

    Hi all,

    I was just wondering if anyone here (besides myself) "haunts" the likes of the Good Will, Salvation Army, other Thrift Shops for Cologne/Perfume. Since my return to BN, I make it my mission (as time allows) to seek out donated bottles of fragrances. Being a "budget" minded guy, I am always THRILLED to find a deal. For instance, yesterday, I bought a "half full" 1.7 oz. bottle of DIOR "Poison" which I was able to negotiate from ten dollars to five dollars. Not too bad a deal and a nice fragrance. Also, I made a serious Guerlain Perfume find (0.5 oz.) 98% full bottle (non spray) presentation box and package box for a price so low, I won't post as it may make some here cry. Bottom line, Thrift Shops can be a excellent source of nice fragrances, especially for those of us on a budget. So, how about you ?



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    Default Re: THRIFT Shop finds

    It's now, my new obsession lol

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    Default Re: THRIFT Shop finds

    Never even knew that fragrances could be found there.

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    Default Re: THRIFT Shop finds

    I started a really neat topic in the women's forum. Here's some stuff:

    Diorissimo(sealed), Azuree(unused), Shalimar(sealed), Shalimar(used but very good), Shalimar Powder(sealed), Samsara(unused and original formula), Cabochard(used)

    Replique (Sealed)

    Very old 2.8oz Chamade Parfum tester, with just under an ounce remaining in the bottle! The juice isn't the best, however; the top notes smell like paint thinner. The drydown is nice, though.

    Lagerfeld Jako 75ml EDT - $12. New & factory sealed, but unfortunately a terrible fragrance. Synthetic cloying fake sandalwood blob. Anyone wanna swap?
    Raphael Replique 7.5ml Parfum - $10. Another new & sealed one. I love this bottle; it really showed me what the fragrance is supposed to smell like!
    Estee Lauder Estee 7.5ml Super Perfume - $15. New & Cord still intact. This is good! So much more floral than other concentrations of Estee in a good way. Speaking of concentrations, this contains more fragrance compounds than it does alcohol. I think it may be difficult for me to wear; barely tapping the corner of the stopper to the inside of one elbow is unbelievably overpowering. This is the strongest perfume I have ever encountered in my life.
    Carven Ma Griffe 15ml extrait - $18. New w/ factory plastic wrap. Love at first sniff! This is an amazing and soft floral chypre. I've really been on a chypre kick and this takes the cake so to speak on my recent find. I adore the florals in this, which are never cloying or overpowering in the fragrance. It has a beautiful and unusual cinnamon/iris drydown that makes the whole thing feel very modern. I adore this. I must have more.

    And most recently, a 1.7oz of Gucci Envy from 2003 that was basically unused.
    My Top Ten:

    1: Guerlain - Habit Rouge
    2: Guerlain - Jicky
    3: Guerlain - Mouchoir de Monsieur
    4: Guerlain - Shalimar
    5: Knize - Knize Ten
    6: Caron - Yatagan
    7: Caron - Pour Un Homme
    8: Jean Desprez - Bal a Versailles
    9: Yves Saint Laurent - M7
    10: Salvador Dali - Dali Pour Homme

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    Default Re: THRIFT Shop finds

    I recently started haunting thrift stores looking for fragrance and have had limited success. However, I did score a vintage bottle of Egoiste, 1.7 oz., $5, two bottles of Eau de calandre, 1 oz. each, $3 each, a bottle of Diptyque Verveine room spray which I use as perfume, 6.8 oz, $8. So, goodies are out there.

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    Default Re: THRIFT Shop finds

    I try to stop by, but so far I haven't had much luck. I guess people in DC don't use or give away much perfume. But once in a blue moon, I did find something exceptional...


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    Default Re: THRIFT Shop finds

    Hi all,

    Loving, wow, that's one nice lil' collection you got going there. Well done. Loud & Hednic, yea lol, ya never know what you'll find at the ol' Thrift Shop. I am a long time Thrift Shop junkie for all kinds of things. Heck, you should see my Vintage Audio gear collection. Just yesterday, I picked up a pair of SNELL Type "J" loud speakers for four dollars the pair. JDB, heck, looks like you've had some success finding a few nice goodies. Cacio, the trick to finding "goodies" at any Thrift Shop is to stop in OFTEN, very OFTEN. I just today heard on the TV News that someone bought a pair of pants at the Thrift Shop and found a Diamond Ring in the pocket of pants valued at five grand! Whoa! Oooh, why not me ? I suppose it could happen someday.


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    Default Re: THRIFT Shop finds

    I stop by them all of the time, but I have only ever been lucky once (in Puerto Rico) where I found a really old vintage Youth Dew bath oil for $3.
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    Default Re: THRIFT Shop finds

    I have donated quite a few bottles of fragrance over the years to Hope and Goodwill. Alas I've not had luck in finding gems myself.

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    Default Re: THRIFT Shop finds

    I've been trying to get my local retro clothing store to start carrying colognes. I offered to help them sort the wheat from the chaff if they give me a discount. So far it hasn't happened -- they think old colognes won't have a market, and I keep trying to convince them otherwise.
    Current Top Five:

    1. Creed Green Irish Tweed
    2. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino
    3. Hermes Concentre d'Orange Verte
    4. Bond No. 9 New Haarlem
    5. Creed Original Vetiver

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    Default Re: THRIFT Shop finds

    Never found much in the way of frags at thrift stores here in LA.

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    Default Re: THRIFT Shop finds

    Saw a bottle of Escada pour Homme at Thrift Town but it was like $40. Most places here will sell junk like a half bottle of Suave conditioner for $3, and its always locked up in the glass counter with the other Avon junk and bars of hotel soap for 75 cents each.
    Some thrifts stores around here seem like they are only about taking advantage of people who dont know any better. Like selling them 17 year old computers for the great price of $150

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    Default Re: THRIFT Shop finds

    Unfortunately many of the thrift store in my area will not accept scents. They'll sell the bottles but toss the juice (sacrilege!!!!) Some feel that perfumes turn bad so they will not make money. The Goodwill, Salvation Army and Jr League do not accept them.
    The Boys and Girls club, Alpha Thrift (for handicapped) and CAAN (Child abuse and neglect do) Mostly one finds Avon, Body fantasies and Elizabeth Taylor scents and they know when something is high retail value. I've even seen some things priced higher than market. But even with all that, I've had the occasional great find.
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    Default Re: THRIFT Shop finds

    Hi guys,

    Yea.....sometime it's a PITA dealing with Thrift Shops and their different policies. Yes, most of the time (the shops that do carry fragrances) it will most likely be "also ran" fragrances. However, earlier this week, I was "Johnny on the spot" and found a bottle of Perfume which list on line for TWO HUNDRED dollars (presentation case and original box) for ten dollars! Whoa! Me....."Errrr, yes Ma'am, I'd liked to look at the box in the case".....ummmm.....yes, I do believe I'll buy this item". Well, it's these kind of finds that keep me searching. The "thrill of the hunt" as it were. Today, I checked out at least a half dozen shops but, nothing I was interested in buying Perfume wise. I did however find a FREE pair of classic Bozak 201A Sonora loud speakers at a Transfer Station. Damn good sounding two ways (as if I need more Speakers).


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    Default Re: THRIFT Shop finds

    Score!! Come on tell us what it is!!

    I get excited when i find "vintage" plaid shirts.

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