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    Default [US] ELDO, AG, PG, MFK for sale

    Etat Libre d'Orange Fils de Dieu, 50 mL half full, no box, $35

    Annick Goutal Les Colognes Eau d'Hadrian, 50mL 99% full, $30

    Parfumerie Generale Drama Nuui, 100 mL half full, $40

    MFK Elixir Lumiere Noire (parfum version), BN 4mL roll-on, $35

    MFK APOM Elixir (parfum version), BN 4mL roll-on, $35

    Prices include US shipping. I can give discounts for multiple items. I'd prefer to keep these US-only now that international rates have jumped, but if you're willing to pay the higher shipping costs I could send these internationally. PM me for Paypal info. Thanks!
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    Default Re: [US] ELDO, Lutens, AG, PG, Jo Malone, MFK for sale


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