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    Cool Creed Value

    Hi everyone!
    I've been doing tons of research, looking for a great summer scent. I've been to every sears, shoppers drug mart, and walmart in my vicinity to test stuff out. I live in a somewhat small city so I don't really have access to any great stores that have a vast selection of different scents to try out. From what I did try, I was hardly impressed by anything (one million, polo blue, D&G light blue, cool water, paul gaultier summer, etc.) except Acqua di Gio, which I don't want anyways because everyone has it. I want something impressive and unique.

    I know Creed frags aren't terribly unique either, but everywhere I go everyone raves about them.
    However, many people say they aren't good value and that for their price, you could get much better cologne.
    Are there any Creed-priced colognes in particular that are A) great for summer B) better than creed C) accessible?

    Infinite thanks.

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    Default Re: Creed Value

    I think Creed make great fragrances, but you'll have to find out for yourself wether or not they're worth it to you. If you want summer try Millesime Imperial, Virgin Island Water, and Erolfa.

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    Default Re: Creed Value

    Creed makes all kinds of frags so you need to be more specific. Since you like AdG, I will assume you don't want something too "mature." One that I like is Cactus Shot by Everlast. I have yet to sample a Creed I like better as a summer frag, and it's really cheap and decent quality.

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    Default Re: Creed Value

    Paco Rabanne XS. $40 online. Creed Himalaya is a copy of it.
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    Are you planning on blind buying something? Not sure I really understand your A,B and C.
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    Default Re: Creed Value

    Maybe try the Chanel Allure line (Sport may be your style, i like the original and Edition Blanche as well). If you like aquatics, but want something a little less common, of good quality and reasonable price, check out the Kenzo house. L'eau Par Kenzo is probably the most similar to ADG (though still very unique), but I enjoy all of the Kenzo fragrances I've sampled.

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    Creeds can be affordable for most everyone if you shop smartly. There are several Creeds available on in 2.5 tester bottles that can be had for as little as $80 if you use the 20% off discount code. And if you access it through, you can save another 12%. Price is no longer a reason not to buy Creeds, if you really want them.

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    Default Re: Creed Value

    Neroli Sauvage

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    Default Re: Creed Value

    It's true that I don't want anything too mature, but I certainly don't want to smell like a highschooler. I'm considering blind buying one of the creeds, (between GIT, Millesime Imperial, Erolfa and Silver Mountain Water) and yes, through either fragrancenet or fragrancex with ebates (thanks for the great suggestion!). Besides uncertainty about their value, one of the main things preventing me from doing this is that I haven't actually tried them yet and live too far away from anywhere that sells them to test them out. I would order samplers, but living in Canada, they cost more money than I want to spend on a couple millilitres of a cologne.

    BenDayDot, I have tried Chanel Allure Sport and didn't like it much. I think I either thought it smelled too feminine or too soapy. I'll see if I can find l'eau par kenzo anywhere, thanks for the suggestion!
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    Default Re: Creed Value

    Even though I like all 4 of the fragrances you mentioned, I would highly recommend sampling before buying blindly. We simply don't all enjoy the same fragrances, even though it can seem so when reading these boards.

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    Default Re: Creed Value

    Virgin Island Water is a good summer scent IMO.

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    I'd just buy a decant from someone who splits it, I wouldn't pay retail but they're worth the try.

    This is where I get me decants from

    Good prices, fast shipping, uses paypal and tracking id...highly recommended.

    I've bought 5 decants from him already and so far so good.

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    Default Re: Creed Value

    Just like most lines, Creed makes some good scents and some "not so good" ones to my nose. I generally am not a huge fan of the line, though it has plenty of supporters here and elsewhere. If you are set on Creed, sampling is your best bet but MI is a good Summer choice, and Green Irish Tweed is my favorite from the line and is extremely versatile year-round.

    Outside Creed there are tons of warm weather choices, but you may want to seek out samples of things like Acqua di Parma Colonia (or Essenza and Assoluta from the same line), or Cologne du Parfumeur by Guerlain.
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    Default Re: Creed Value

    Bon: do you have a Sephora near you? They are really good about giving you free samples to wear for a few days. I certainly wouldn't discourage you from buying Creed if you find one you like, your best bet is to find specific notes or at least kinds of scents that you like, and then seek samples based on that. Then, wear the samples for a few days and see what you think. Lots of people here in this forum do blind buys, but they have so much experience and most probably have done enough swapping that they know they can easily unload a purchase that doesn't work out.

    Green Irish Tweed, Aventus and Millesime Imperiale all rank really highly in the thread here about scents that get the most compliments, but Allure Homme Sport is one of the top 10 compliment getters in that thread too (out of a list of hundreds). I'm not saying that should mean you're supposed to like Allure Homme Sport. I just mean it would be easy to blind buy something you might like even less, or maybe not at all. Creed makes great stuff, but we all like different things. I like their GIT and Aventus, but I don't like their Original Vetiver. Some love their Original Santal. Others think the $50 Individuel by Mont Blanc smells even better. YMMV.

    P.S. For a summer scent, I'm really enjoying Versace Pour Homme, but there are lots of other summer scents to check out. Best of luck finding something you love!

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    Default Re: Creed Value

    Tommy Bahama Set Sail St Barts is a very cheap and nice alternative to Virgin Island Water.
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    Creed is definitely worth the moët as far as I'm concerned and I buy direct from creed. The best ones for summer in my opinion are silver mountain water, original vetiver, millisime imperial, and erolfa.

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    Default Re: Creed Value

    Thanks for the ideas about decants, which I'll definitely consider later on!
    There isn't a Sephora's in my city but there's one in a couple of the cities that I visit on a semi-regular basis. I think that might work the best, and I'll have to be patient until I can take a trip down to either Toronto or London.
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    Default Re: Creed Value

    Quote Originally Posted by mesaboogie View Post
    Tommy Bahama Set Sail St Barts is a very cheap and nice alternative to Virgin Island Water.
    And, very limited longevity, I might add, putting aside whether it is a nice alternative to VIW.

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    Default Re: Creed Value

    I found Cologne du Parfumeur by Guerlain, albeit invigorating and unsullied, to be a fleeting fragrance, lacking in projection and longevity.

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    Default Re: Creed Value

    I sell samples to people who want to explore the vintage frags, because that's where the best value is, for those who want high quality frags. I guess Creed is good for those who have an idea about what kind of frag they are seeking and don't mind spending more. They can say they are wearing something by the great house of Creed and not think much beyond that. I'm the kind of person who has to investigate things that interest me to the "Nth degree," however, and I also like getting good deals. Also, vintage tends to be more for the wearer's edification (especially considering how "out of date" they are) whereas recent frags are more about other people liking the scent (generally speaking, of course).

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    Default Re: Creed Value

    Get samples from a variety of houses, then make a decision.
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