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    Default Toenail fungus cure

    I have found that soaking my feet in warm water with vinegar is getting rid of my toenail fungus. I have tried all kinds of things and this is the best so far. I look forward to wearing toenail polish again when it is cleared up completely.

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    Tea Tree oil, but you need the real stuff Mal something and not the mixture down version. You dab it on neat.

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    you can keep it at bay with an AHA cream or lotion in high concentration. Keep your toenails short as well. Always clean your tools.

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    I had three toenails infected with fungus and they went yellow and white a few years ago. I used Scholl fungal nail treatment, it took time but it cleared it right up. It comes with nail files which once a week you file the infected nails then apply the liquid like nail varnish. You apply it everyday for a month to kill the fungus then once a week for nine months to protect and prevent re -infection. 9-12 months is the average time of a human toenail takes to grow out completly. Good stuff to use for this and you can tell the difference within a few weeks.

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    Diluted oregano oil - this stuff will kill ANYTHING.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SculptureOfSoul View Post
    Diluted oregano oil - this stuff will kill ANYTHING.
    even your taste buds!!! LOL It is a killer treatment for a summer cold.

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    I tried - with great and fast result - a very effective remedy called Nalox, that chemists sell here in Norway. I doubt that it is sold under that name in other countries, but anyways - here is the list of ingredients found on net:Urea, Propylene glycol, Lactic acid, Sodium hydroxine pastille, purified water.
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    similar to bibitry above, I have a "pedi creme" that has urea in it as an anti-fungal.

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