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    Dear basenoters,
    After 6 visits to marvelous Lisbon I can say that I have discovered a few of the city's secrets. First of all, I must say that Portuguese seem to love their perfumes and very often in the streets or the metro I detect fragrances that people wear. It is not that I like all that I can smell, but as a perfume lover I am moved by the fact that people actually use fragrances quite a lot. This is also evident by the amount of shops that sell various kinds of perfumes, fragrances, soaps, etc. One of my favorite places in Lisbon is not a perfume shop at all but a bathroom accessories shop close to Santos area, called Epicurista ( They used to have a great retail space close by but not anymore. Now their perfumes are all available on the 2nd floor of their not-so-attractive store. The actual space with the perfumes feels like a crypt and it would have been very atmospheric had they used nicer lighting. Epicurista carries a few of the well known niche brands, although less than say two years ago. They also carry some brands that are not so well known. In any case a visit to the Epicurista is a must for perfume lovers visiting Lisbon. Another place would be Organii ( with organic cosmetics and perfumes. Their fragrance selection is limited and the brands they carry aren't well known (a German brand producing Japanese zen like perfumes) but worth a sniff or two. The Organii shop I visited was close by to a couple of other nice places and a very nice café.
    Skinlife by Dennis and Patrick is a gem right in the heart of Chiado ( With a wide selection of perfumes and cosmetic products Dennis and Patrick with their impeccable manners and unpretentious kindness will surely win you over. It was the only place I discovered where if you particularly like a couple of fragrances you may be offered samples to try at home. It happened to my partner and two days after he was buying OUD by MFK. Kudos to Dennis for his relaxed selling attitude and his love for perfumes. I am sure that there are many more fantastic places in Lisbon for perfume lovers; with your contributions I hope that this thread will slowly list most of them. Enjoy Lisbon!

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    Welcome to Portugal
    Im from Coimbra, 200 km from Lisbon

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    Hi there! Lisbon is great! Coimbra too! I liked it a lot when I visited it many years ago.
    All the best!

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