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    Default An Open Note To All Basnoters!

    Hi there all!

    I just wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone for your responses to my questions, your suggestions, and expertise in navigating the perfume world. I appreciate everyone for welcoming me!

    Since joining Basenotes, I've noticed that my tastes in fragrances has completely changed. Once upon a time, I loved my Clinique Happy, Pink Sugar, FCUK, and YSL Parisienne, and was perfectly content being ordinary. Now after venturing into the land of heady florals, gourmands, and chypres, with the likes of Guerlian's frags, AP, AE, & Calyx, I'm finding that most commercial frags are...ordinary. I'm searching for that commercial frag that will slap me in the face with sillage and originality....sadly, these perfumes aren't readily available at the counter, and as such, I'm relying on you to guide my virgin nose through the land of frags....could this mean I'm turning into a frag snob?!? Horror of horrors!

    In all seriousness, thank you all for your kindness, humor, and guidance. I look forward to the day I can help out a basenotes newbie, as you all have helped me.


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    Default Re: An Open Note To All Basnoters!

    Enjoy your continued learning experience here at Basenotes as I have over the years.

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    Default Re: An Open Note To All Basnoters!

    Sure, Basenoters are often called "snobs" - but that comes with the experience of mainly niche fragrances. It is like BEFORE NICHE and AFTER NICHE.

    The only thing that continues to puzzle me is that fascination with CREED. In no other website is there so much discussion about CREED. Batch numbers, worries ...

    What happened to the serious discussions about whether perfumery can be called an art, or not ? Love reading a good debate.
    There are no answers, only choices. (Stanislav Lem)

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    Default Re: An Open Note To All Basnoters!

    No problemo, enjoy yourself.

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    Default Re: An Open Note To All Basnoters!

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