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    Default Similar scent to YSL L'Homme?

    HUGE letdown when I bought this bottle about a month ago...longevity wasn't as long as I expected it be. (Probably at least 1-2 hours give or take. I feel like once I go out, this cologne just doesn't perform well enough to last half the day)

    Been using Dove Men Care Unscented body wash when I hit the shower though, could that be the problem? Or maybe the type of skin I have?..Asian btw (Filipino to be exact) (Any suggestions would be really appreciated, especially for this summer)

    Any colognes you guys would recommend something similar to L'Homme? Tested Bleu De Chanel at The Bay and that never held well with my skin. Not interested in buying something that most guys would wear (1 Million, Le Male etc..) Been eyeing on 212 for men, how does that suit for summer?

    Finally, anybody know of trusted eBay sellers that they frequently deal with? Looking to save a couple bucks from

    Thanks in advance guys!

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    Default Re: Similar scent to YSL L'Homme?

    Have you tried La nuit de L´homme? it is similar, but it projects and it last more, I go with the original L´Homme, even with the longevity problem. But try La nuit de L´homme and you will love it

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    Default Re: Similar scent to YSL L'Homme?

    Another vote for La Nuit de L'Homme

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    Default Re: Similar scent to YSL L'Homme?

    You are going to get a lot of recs for nuit

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    Default Re: Similar scent to YSL L'Homme?

    And still another vote for La Nuit de L'Homme

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    Default Re: Similar scent to YSL L'Homme?

    So is La Nuit the best of that YSL range for smell, projection and sillage? How is Libre?

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    Default Re: Similar scent to YSL L'Homme?

    +1 for La Nuit.
    L'Homme = Ginger with a tad of sweetness, very crisp scent.
    La Nuit = Gingerbread cookie; it is definitely sweeter than L'Homme. Imagine a sensual version of L'Homme.

    Is La Nuit the best? That depends on your preference. Projection/sillage and longevity = La Nuit. Smell = L'Homme
    La Nuit gets more attention compared to L'Homme (most of the girls I know, friends and family, prefer La Nuit)

    Libre is probably my least favorite of the L'Homme line, at least of the ones I have tried (La Nuit, L'Homme, Libre). It's not bad, but I personally am not a huge fan of it.

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    Default Re: Similar scent to YSL L'Homme?

    Last edited by drseid; 5th December 2012 at 05:04 PM. Reason: deleted. Misread thinking post was best from YSL, not L'Homme range only.
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    Default Re: Similar scent to YSL L'Homme?

    Well of course the obvious which everyone has stated.

    And though I don't see any similarities at all. I have read where many people say that there is a resemblance between YSL L'Homme and Dior Homme Sport.

    I think the similarities come from the Ginger and lemon in both. Yet Dior Homme is A LOT more citrus then L'Homme.

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    Default Re: Similar scent to YSL L'Homme?

    I've never smelled anything like L'homme to be honest. Also, it may seem like its gone when you go out but trust me its not. My skin performs horribly but this frag actually works on it, surprisingly.

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    Default Re: Similar scent to YSL L'Homme?

    That new cremuix from at Dillard smell very similar.

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    Default Re: Similar scent to YSL L'Homme?

    L'homme gets about 3-4 hours on me. La nuit? About 6-8 projects well for 2-3 hours moderate projection

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    Default Re: Similar scent to YSL L'Homme?

    Some people also say there is similarities between l'homme and boss bottled and i kinda get it but they are noticeably different however

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    Default Re: Similar scent to YSL L'Homme?

    YSL L'Homme Intense maybe? Give it a try in case it stays more in your skin.

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    Default Re: Similar scent to YSL L'Homme?

    L'Homme preforms great on my skin. Its one of my all time best fragrances. No complaints about longevity or projection. OP, do you properly moisturize the area that you spray? A good unscented cream/lotion will do wonders. Body washes and soap will dry out the skin. Especially the ones that lather heavily. You'd be surprised how many dry people we having browsing basenotes

    La Nuit is a great fragrance in its own right, but its not a substitute for L'Homme. You may find it too sweet and tbh they smell different. Although after you smell it you may toss your L'Homme bottle out.
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    Default Re: Similar scent to YSL L'Homme?

    Boss Bottled.

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