I really don't know a whole lot about fragrances, so i'm hoping to get some suggestions. I don't have much of a collection right now, so I welcome suggestions for any season and any purpose (ie, work, a night out, etc).

Here's some info on who I am and what I'm looking for:

I'm 27 years old and work in a business professional environment. I actually happen to work with fashion designers (mostly women) and I know they are watching/judging, so I try to wear very nice suits. I figured it's time I had a nice fragrance or two to go with the look. Outside of work, I am much more casual. I see myself as a bit of a man's man. I generally have a beard, play hockey, don't wear designer jeans and you're more likely to find me in a pub than a club. I live in the northern US where we have cold winters and hot humid summers, so I need different fragrances depending on the season. My skin tends to get a bit oily, so sometimes the most potent fragrances become too much on me.

Here are impressions of a few fragrances I've tried to help you get a feel for my tastes:

Armani Code - I like this one on winter nights. I just have to be careful... it gets a bit nasty on me if I get hot
Bulgari Aqua Marine - Thought I smelled like seaweed. Not a fan
D&G The One Sport - This was just plain gross
John Varvatos - I really liked the leather and fruit scents. I enjoyed it myself, but I was a bit concerned women my age would think I smell like an old man.
212 Men - Smelled like what I imagine the guys on Jersey Shore wear (not a good thing)
Versace Man Eau Fraiche - After an hour or so I thought it just smelled like soap

Thanks in advance for your help!