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    Default For The Warm-Skinned

    My skin projects more heat than most peoples, though I'm sure others are in this category. So, the scents I wear are different.

    Drakkar Noir on a tester card smells GREAT, but on my skin, it's like a loud-jumbled up mess. Eternity is extremely "green" like a huge forest. Aramis on my skin is intense and Le Male in remotely warm weather can be a sh*tstorm.

    I found however that the light fresh or sweet fragrances project really well on me. Citrus scents, some aquatics, and medium-strength sweet scents project really well on me. 1 Million for example, projects AMAZINGLY on me unlike on the test card where it seems ho-hum.

    What do you warmer-skinned folk recommend?

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    Default Re: For The Warm-Skinned

    I think people put a bit too much emphasis on skin chemistry. I'm not denying its implication but stating that its given far too much attention that it deserves.

    Rarely does a perfume smell the same on skin as it does on paper.

    Some perfumes, by nature, do not project as much as others.

    My remedy for "skin scents" is to use them when I am not on the move. Mostly when I am at work or in a cafe. This way I can smell the perfume more than when I am on the move.

    If it doesn't project enough, spray more.
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    Default Re: For The Warm-Skinned

    If you like citrus: Monsieur Balmain, or Limon de Cordoza might work for you.

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    Default Re: For The Warm-Skinned

    ^ Thanks.

    Skin chemistry does matter, especially for people whose skin is much warmer than those of most people. I'm upset that I can't wear Le Male as well as most people probably could.

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    Default Re: For The Warm-Skinned

    I'm a definite warm skin person. I can't wear Le Male at all because even a slight spray will fill a room on me; whereas same friend that I gave a bottle to, he can wear it with multiple sprays and the sillage is "normal".

    In the past, as a kid, I used to use my natural hotter temperature to get out of classes early. I'm almost always over 99.5 F/37.5 F naturally - easy to get me to sweat too unfortunately - and I have to be careful what I wear. Skin chemistry may not be the most important deciding factor of why I purchase scents, I have to wear my scents before I purchase them usually.

    Creed Neroli Sauvage wears long and well on me. Tom Ford Azure Lime - lord I hate it immediately out of the bottle - but I tend to "burn through" the top notes and go straight to the mid-notes. It does not wear the same for me note-wise as even the representative that sold it to me. He thought I was wearing something wholly different in fact that Azure Lime.

    Same for Noir de Noir. It initially blooms, fills the room, then goes to a skin scent on me by the time I walk out of the door. Aramis, same thing actually. It just wears down to the point where my lady has asked me to re-spray (brave woman) because she didn't smell it on me unless she had her nose buried into my neck (success!)

    There are many others that are skin scents - like Silver Mountain Water - and I've had compliments from across the room from the lady. But some other scents that are power houses, they just "die" on me after I burn through them.

    Weirdest one though, 1 Million turns woodsy and becomes a minor player on me quickly. And that's not my perception, but it's what others have said to me when I asked. Odd what being warmer does sometimes... just wonder if it's a placebo effect or not though sometimes.
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