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    Default "A Perfect World" scent

    Hi Everyone -
    I'm trying to find a scent that smells like the Origins products called "A Perfect World." It's made with white tea, but since I'm new at this whole "fragrance" thingy, I don't know if that contributes to the scent or not! It seems to have a little bit of peach and orange to me. I need your help. Ideas?

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    Default Re: "A Perfect World" scent


    I have not smelled the origins (but I will do so when I get back to the US), but the most famous tea scent in mainstream is probably Bulgari Eau parfumee au the vert. There is also an The blanc version, I believe, but the green is probably less pale. They are more tea than fruits, so if what you are looking for is more fruits than tea, then perhaps other scents are more appropriate.


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    Default Re: "A Perfect World" scent

    Try Eau Parfumée au Thé Blanc by Bulgari (Eau Parfumee White Tea by Bvlgari).


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    Default Re: "A Perfect World" scent

    "A Perfect World" was apricot-scented, if that helps. I was told this by an employee at Origins and I have to agree, that is what it smelled like.

    The white tea didn't contribute to the scent, I don't think-- it provided the antioxidant.

    Here is a thread about apricot-scented perfumes:

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