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Thread: Buying MI

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    Default Buying MI

    I saw MI on fragrancenet at 110 for 2.5 and 140 for 4.0.

    Both testers, but the only real difference between a tester and a non-tester is a lack of a cap and box.

    Those deals seem really good, and I trust fragrancenet (I've done business with them many times). However, whenever something seems too good, I'm suspicious.

    I love MI, but I heard there was a bad batch going around (with too much sea salt). Is there anyway to know which batch fragnet is selling? Also, do you guys know what the good and bad batches of MI are?

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    Default Re: Buying MI

    That's a good price and if you like it, I'd get it without worrying about batch differences.

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    Default Re: Buying MI

    As long as you avoid anything with a 2010 batch number you'll be fine, The 2011/12's are supurb.

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    Default Re: Buying MI

    I don't think it was one particular lot number that was too salty. Kron's experience was the same as mine; the 2010 version was too salty (to me, so was 2009). But 2011/12 is generally regarded as good (one person in a thread didn't like it, but I only remember one).

    I'd go for it. 140 for the 4 oz. MI is a good deal. I usually see the 4 oz. nontester at about 150 from most discounters.
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    Default Re: Buying MI

    The thing is its going to be gamble as you do not know which year you are going to get. And I do not think a request to customer services to pop down to the warehouse to check the batch number is going to be met with "the customer is always right attitude".lol...... But good luck anyway.

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    Default Re: Buying MI

    I purchased the MI 2.5 tester from Fragrancenet a month or two ago. I'm not really satisfied with it - it seems closer to Erolfa than MI - I find very little of the sweetness of MI. I didn't return it because I do like Erolfa and was out of it. Through subsequent wearing, I have become disappointed with the longevity.

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    Default Re: Buying MI

    FragranceNet were great when I got my MI bottle a couple of months ago now. I am based in the UK and the experience was just fine. I didn't buy a tester mind you, I got a 120ml / 4oz full bottle.

    I got a 2011 batch and in fact am wearing it today. I can still smell it on me, fruity notes included, quite strongly. I applied it about 9 hours ago.

    I would say go for it. They are probably out of 2010 batches by now, as we are already half way through 2012 now.

    Don't forget to use the basenotes discount voucher, or a 20% one if you can find it.

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    Default Re: Buying MI

    Thanks guys. I probably won't buy this one right away. I'll probably wait a few months, but it's not going anywhere.

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    Default Re: Buying MI

    Quote Originally Posted by noirdrakkar View Post
    Thanks guys. I probably won't buy this one right away. I'll probably wait a few months, but it's not going anywhere.

    You may want to reconsider. They have a 20% off code (J5TPC) and if you go through ebates,they are currently offering an additional 12% cash back, which brings it down to $98 bucks for 4oz of Creed MI... very few places can beat that.

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    Default Re: Buying MI

    The better buy is on Amazon, seller ThePerfumeSpot. I bought a four ounce bottle there two weeks ago for $121 and it was the 2011 batch. It's really really good and I couldn't be happier.

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