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    Default Etro Vetiver vs. Route du Vetiver

    Thanks to a generous BNer, I got a small decant of vintage Route du Vetiver. I love it. There doesn't seem to be anything as dirty and dry in the vetiver category on the market today.

    I also just stumbled into a bottle of vintage Etro Vetiver, but I won't be receiving it until next week. What can I expect? Reading the reviews, it seems similar to the old MPG. Is it even dirtier? (Is that even possible?)

    And why don't they make vetivers like this any more?

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    Default Re: Etro Vetiver vs. Route du Vetiver

    Route De Vetiver is a very nice scent. Glad I have it in my collection.

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    Default Re: Etro Vetiver vs. Route du Vetiver

    Etro is one of my favorite straighahead vetivers. It's rather clean and captures the basic scent of vetiver e.o. while adding a little musk for longevity.

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    Default Re: Etro Vetiver vs. Route du Vetiver

    Route du Vetiver even in it's present formulation is pretty amazing stuff. I don't ever recall smelling anything like
    it's intense dark berry-dark vetiver anywhere else. Etro, very different from RdV, also has that striking attention getting style but the woody "celery" note always wears out it's welcome with me.

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    Default Re: Etro Vetiver vs. Route du Vetiver

    Those two are very very nice vetiver perfumes.

    I can't recall anything as intense and deep as them, especially RdV but Bourbon Vetiver comes close to being a very vetiver dominant perfume. Also, Turtle Vetiver Exercise 1 is very similar to Etro Vetiver.
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    Default Re: Etro Vetiver vs. Route du Vetiver

    Expect a rough, no compromise, unapologetic woody vetiver with a liqorice facet. Where Route De Vetiver feels more earthy and "rootier", the Etro is definitely woodier. That being said, I fined them reasonably similar during the drydown.

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    Default Re: Etro Vetiver vs. Route du Vetiver

    Thanks for the info. I'll have to try Bourbon Vetiver, too.

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    Default Re: Etro Vetiver vs. Route du Vetiver

    The Etro vintage (which I used to own a bottle of, and sold) is very linear, and it has that dry-rooty tanginess to it that many refer to as the 'iodine' note in certain vetivers. It isn't quite as salty as say...Vettiveru or Sel de Vetiver and perhaps this is because, as alfarom pointed out, it has an overall feeling of woodiness rather than rooty-ness (or dirt-caked) of the Route du Vetiver.

    I really wanted to like the Etro (it was done by Jacques Flori, who did that fantastic Amouage Opus IV) but alas I have to admit I didn't wear it enough.

    The Turtle Vetiver Exercise No. 1, menioned above by hedonist222, is very close. I agree. But I think I like that one more - it has a slightly more prominent water/marine vibe and because of this it caught my attention more.

    Please post your thoughts on it Brian, when you receive it. I think, they used to make this in a Shower Gel, but it's very scarce. I think I might like that.
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