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    Question Burning Bakhoor?

    Today I received Kashkha Bakhoor instead of the perfume. I explained I did not order the bakhoor but instead the perfume. They are re sending me the perfume and for my trouble they told me to keep the bakhoor. Since i never had this stuff I asked how it was used. They told me I needed a electric insence burner or a regular one, and crush the tablet. Do I still have to actually take a flame to these tablets and start it on fire then let it smolder?
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    No a flame would instantly burn it.

    If you don't have an electric burner you can heat up an old pan on the stove then place the bukhoor on it and allow it to burn.
    The best and most natural way to burn it is to put the bukhoor on coal.

    If you don't have access to coal then the pan method would work:

    Or get an electric bukhoor burner:

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    Default Re: Burning Bakhoor?

    Or, as I did while living in Abu Dhabi, buy 'incense charcoal' in the supermarket, heat it directly on your stove burner (electric or gas) until at least partially glowing; using tongs, place the charcoal in the burner, the bakhoor on top of it, and retire. is just one link to incense charcoal on evilBay.

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    Why not use a gas or electric burner? Its much easier. Try RaniaUk, they do a portable gas burner.

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    I am using it with charcoal at home. You can see in my youtube video:

    It is quite easy to do, although it makes some fog in the room for a while.

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    Charcoal is the most common way to burn bakhoor nowadays.
    If you are interested in culture, they traditionally used a type of censer called a Mabkhara, usually made from clay or stone.

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