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    Default Bang knockoff at Big Lots

    Spotted some new Knockoffs at Big Lots, most interesting of which was a knockoff of Bang called Shot! for $3.50

    Actually pretty close to the real deal. I was already wearing something so I just put a tiny spritz on the back of my hand I'll do a better comparison tomorow or after I shower. Based on the small amount I used, the longevity might be OK.

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    Default Re: Bang knockoff at Big Lots

    Sounds pretty bad.

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    What else do they have?
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    Default Re: Bang knockoff at Big Lots

    Interesting! I'll have to drop in. Never shopped for fragrance there before.
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    Default Re: Bang knockoff at Big Lots

    Don't remember what the others were, nothing really jumped out at me. I go there pretty frequently I'll see what they have. The line they carry with Bros. (instead of Boss) usually isn't too bad. A step above Dollar Tree in longevity, slightly more expensive.

    I'm up in the air about Bang itself I don't mind it, I don't know if I really like it. Its basically pepper and woods, probably not expensive to make, since the base is likely just iso e super, churning out a reasonable knock off probably isn't hard. While I own the original, a reasonable knockoff isn't a bad thing to have I suppose, even if its not exact. I'll let you know how actually wearing it turns out tomorrow in comparison to the original.

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    Default Re: Bang knockoff at Big Lots

    I just picked this up today For $3.50 I figured what the heck. And it really isn't bad at all... lol The opening is not like Bang much, but the drydown is pretty damn close! Not quite the projection I get from Bang, but not bad. I am going to have to try some of the others real soon. if I really don't like a bottle I'm sure some young kidin my neighborhood would enjoy a free bottle of juice

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    Default Re: Bang knockoff at Big Lots

    they usually have sets around Christmas for 4 or 5 bucks of all the Dana classics and of course, Stetson
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    Default Re: Bang knockoff at Big Lots

    I personally stay away from knockoffs.

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