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    Default Tom Ford White Suede thoughts?

    A week ago while talking to the By Kilian rep in Saks Chicago, I happened to just pick up a bottle of White Suede that was sitting right in front of me. I had never smelled it before and thought about not even taking a whiff. Well, I did, and completely love it. I sprayed a card which still smells amazing 11 days later. I've been looking at buying a bottle but then wondered if there is anything similar or better in that same vibe. I REALLY like this exact smell, so maybe I should just pull the trigger. I almost bought a bottle right on the spot but thought I might not like it later. Nope, still love it. Suggestions?

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    Wow! No suggestions? Or does no one like this?

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    Well, I ended up buying a full bottle. I love it alone and can't wait to layer it with my Tuscan Leather.

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    Default Re: Tom Ford White Suede thoughts?

    I bought a bottle of this for my wife for mother's day. I love the fragrance as well. It has softness/smoothness to it that is quite pleasing. I personally would think that Tuscan Leather would overpower it, but give it a try to see what happens.

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    Tuscan Leather is a pure beast. I'm hoping that layering would be a nice compliment to smooth it out some.

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