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    Default Help on fragrances for the hot humid weather!

    Hi guys, I'm pretty new here so any help would be awesome. I live in Malaysia, and obviously its super hot and humid here. But bear in mind that some of the fragrances I own can be a little 'winter-y', and thats because I study abroad and the weather is much cooler. But I'm ending my studies soon so I kinda wanna just stick to summer frags since its pretty hot in Malaysia all year round. Oh and I'm 22, and I dont exactly have the luxury niche frags, just designers for now I guess. Anyway, these are my current frags:

    1. Chanel Allure Homme Sport
    2. Dior Homme Sport
    3. Azzaro Chrome
    4. Versace The Dreamer
    5. Van Cleef and Arpels Midnight in Paris
    6. Armani Attitude
    7. Davidoff Cool Water

    So my Chrome, Attitude, and Cool Water is finishing soon so I was wondering what summer frags should I replace these with? I currently have Terre D'Hermes, Dior Fahrenheit and Chanel Allure Edition Blanche on my mind to replace these three. Do suggest guys!


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    Default Re: Help on fragrances for the hot humid weather!

    Some possibilities:

    Monsieur Balmain by Pierre Balmain
    Limon De Cordoza by The Different Company

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    Default Re: Help on fragrances for the hot humid weather!

    Thanks hednic! But can I ask, do they last fairly long? I forgot to mention it, longevity scores big points with me, hence why Terre and Fahrenheit is in there. I just find it so annoying when frags dont last eventhough they smell good like Attitude for instance, I bought it when I was still very new with frags haha

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    Default Re: Help on fragrances for the hot humid weather!

    Do you have access to a Lush store? For something very fresh and inexpensive, you can check their Dirty, which is minty.

    Certainly, Malaysia summer heat is a challenge for perfumes. If you spray clothes as well, the frag lasts a little longer, as the clothes are colder than the skin usually.


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    Default Re: Help on fragrances for the hot humid weather!

    Terre D' Hermes is a powerhouse with great longivity in pure parfum form but I think eau de' toilette would work well for summer. Edition Blanche is a beautiful lemon but is very weak... You might want to look at Prada Amber, its a very nice luxery like soapy fragrance with strong longivity for the type of fragrance it is. good luck...

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    Default Re: Help on fragrances for the hot humid weather!

    Choose any of these:

    L'Eau par Kenzo pour Homme by Kenzo
    - Initially, one is treated to a biting and sparkling blast of yuzo, somewhere between a grapefruit and a mandarin orange, with its lemon-like tangy and floral aspects. This sharp and bright citrus slowly pairs with ho leaf, which tinges the pseudo-lemon with its spicy and sweet, floral and rosewood overtones, yielding an almost lemon, furniture polish accord, morphing the stark citrus into a luscious smoothness. The refreshing, watery middle beckons. Here, in the heart, the pseudo-lemon is immersed in a bath of lotus flower, with its lovely, water lily greenness with a hint of mint, sharp and fresh ozone notes, as well as refreshful aquatic notes, with its faint, marine and mint accord, and steeps into a soothing lemonade. Pleasant white musk usurps the cool blend into the awaiting base, imparting its sweet and floral facets, and its cohort, green pepper, adds a kiss of earthiness before meandering to the light and airy drydown. A wonderful fragrance to be turned to in the heat of the summer, this fresh and crisp composition is a vibrant, green, lemony and woody scent, and has average longevity and projection. In the sweaty dog days of the summer, you need this!


    Gai Mattiolo Uomo by Gai Mattiolo
    - Upon application, one is treated to an invigorating wave of hesperidic notes, with their citrus highlights of lemon, bergamot, tangerine and orange. A touch of neroli with its spicy, overripe orangey aspect also presents, while star anise imparts its sweetish, smoky licorice and slightly woody facets. This fascinating melange floats on a cloud of perfumed hedione, with its tinge of citrusy jasmine and woods, and wafts to the awaiting middle. Here, in the pleasing heart, the opening mix is subsumed by a somewhat bracing concoction of lively and woody pepper, menthol-ish clary sage and nutty coriander. A sweet rose presents as well. An oceanic fucus provides an undertone of salty, aquatic plant life. Transitioning to the waiting base, the aquatic brew is encased by creamy and delicately balsamic sandalwood as well as honeyed and slightly smoky guaiacwood. A fresh-linen musk, akin to a fabric softener dryer sheet, showers the woods, and leads to a refreshing drydown. This pleasant, masculine composition is ideal for spring and summer, and has average projection and very good longevity. Given its inexpensive price point, it's a must have.


    Live Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent - One is initially treated to a citric blast of bittersweetness from tangy grapefruit and zesty lemon. Sweet spearmint invades the citrus duet, and, with its brightness, fosters a refreshing and cooling sensation. This invigorating medley brews for a spell before meandering to the adaptive middle. Here, in the heart, heaps of coriander, with its spicy and faintly sweet grassiness, commingle with the tart and vegetal rhubarb leaf, and envelop the opening concoction infusing it with warmth and greenness. A faint strawlike something twinkles in the background, along with the minty citrus. Transitioning to the waiting base, dusty and dry cedar, somewhat floral and honeyed ambergris and a tinge of vanilla intermingle to generate a pleasing drydown. This all-season composition has average projection, after an hour becoming a skin scent, and longevity, 5-8 hours. In view of the foregoing as well as its favorable price point and wonderful versatility, an enthusiastic "thumbs up" is warranted.


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    Default Re: Help on fragrances for the hot humid weather!

    bvlgari extreme
    bvlgari aqva
    Seasonal favorites :

    Winter : The Dreamer & Burberry London
    Spring-Autumn : Bvlgari Pour Homme & Aqua Fahrenheit
    Summer : Bvlgari Aqva & Bvlgari Extreme
    All-Rounders : Prada Man & Bleu de Chanel

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    Default Re: Help on fragrances for the hot humid weather!

    Nice options in mind. Try L'Eau Par Kenzo, Eau Sauvage and Bvlgari Aqva either.

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    Default Re: Help on fragrances for the hot humid weather!

    Affordable: Cartier Roadster

    Less affordable: Bond No. 9 Nouveau Bowery

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