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    Default Chopard Wish colour?

    I've just purchased a 30ml bottle of Chopard Wish from eBay. It was sold as the original version, not one of the flankers by a private seller. All the photographs I have seen show this perfume as a blue liquid but the one I have is a pale khaki gold colour. I could clearly see this in the photograph before I bid so I was aware it might not be the original. I thought it might have been Brilliant Wish but the perfume smells nothing like the description of that version. The Briliant reviews describe this version as citrusy, which I am not getting at all.

    The one I have smells lovely, not at all off and just like the various reviews tell me it should. It just says Chopard Wish on the bottle, no other labels.

    There's a 5m pendant thing on eBay now that looks the same strange colour. Has anyone seen Wish come up in this colour?

    Could this be Brilliant Wish? Can anyone who has this version let me know what it says on their bottle please?

    Many thanks

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    Default Re: Chopard Wish colour?

    There are a lot of perfumes that have changed colors for whatever reason, but it doesn't seem to effects the smell. Some people think it might be the vanilla ( I'm not sure though ). I have heard Lolita Limbecka L, I happen to have one that is still blue and the other khaki, both smell wonderfull., I've even heard that Angel will turn too!

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    Default Re: Chopard Wish colour?

    Yes, I've seen Wish in this colour, I had one at one stage.

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    Default Re: Chopard Wish colour?

    Angel & a number of blue fragrances go the same colour yet smell the same. If it smells ok I wouldn't worry about it.
    I ♥ vanille

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