I know there are numerous discussions on the topic, but I would like to ask a specific question...

Do any Canadians have success stories when buying fragrances on eBay? Are all of the seizures by Customs a rare occurence or is it a very common thing?

What percentages of your fragrances get through just fine, even if the seller truthfully declared the contents of the package?

I know it is illegal for shipment via USPS, but I am curious how much of this stuff actually gets through?

I won three separate auctions on vintage Old Spice, and two of them are already sent. (This was before I thought about the implications of sending alcohol via air mail) What are the odds that I will receive them?

I asked the third seller what precautions she takes when shipping to Canada, and asked if she would consider declaring "used cosmetics" - she said that last month alone she sent 7 colognes/perfumes to Canada via First Class Mail International and hasn't had any problems...

So is the incidence of package seizure/destruction very high or do most of them trickle through past lax employees?

(I know of cases where alcohol and tobacco have easily crossed borders into Canada, but it required a seller who was willing to fib or even outright lie on the declaration of contents... I am mostly talking about instances where the product is rightfully marked as fragrance)