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    Default hi all cuba (cheaper alternative quality ) fragrances question

    hi im new to fragrances , well ive worn them since an early age but new to the apreciation of fragrances .

    i always used jazz , ck one , pizazz (jazz copy but better imo) for a long times ive always liked to get cheaper alternative i mean jazz back then was out of my range but pizzaz at 2/3 and better was not.

    This last year ive tried a lot of excellent fragrances le male , burrberry london , armani code , hypnose , versace dreamer .
    and a few others and i have to admit i like them all there is something in every fragrance and its addictive and expensive .

    anyway these are too expensive , well maybe not too expensive id image each fragrance costs a lot
    to produce and they are quailty (you get what you pay for ) and i think you get more than just a smell it these create a mood , emotion or am i being weird again , but what i mean is they are not something that can be used everyday , day in day out other wise it could work out very expensive , not only that its a small collection ive got and ill like owning it (if thats not too daft .)

    anyway im looking for cheaper , close but quality imitations of these for every day use , i found one suggested to me as close to le male , its cuba gold , ive tried it and yes its a very passable le male its a quailty yet cheap fragrance.

    is these a similar cheaper version (does not hve to cuba) of my other favorite scent armani code ,

    burberry london is also a very excellent smelling potion id like to use more regular for work etc on a cheaper basis.

    im not sure if these imitaitons are legal or if its something you talk about freely on here but like say these are expensive product and not being wealthy id like to try cheaper alternatives for everyday use and safe my collection for special occasions and to admire (lol)


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    Default Re: hi all cuba (cheaper alternative quality ) fragrances question

    I have a few suggestions.

    Paris Hilton "Just Me" and Perry Ellis "360 Red" are similar to (some even argue better than) Armani "Acqua di Gio"
    Ed Hardy "Love and Luck" and Sean John "Unforgivable" have been compared to Creed "Imperial Millesime"

    Other male fragrances I think are decent for not much money are Ed Hardy "Hearts and Daggers", " and Juicy Couture "Dirty English" which is a boozy scent and may not be for you if you're a young guy. Both of these scents can be had really cheap in the US, not sure about other locations though. Many people endorse the Cuba scents and they have an extensive line. If the budget is really tight you can probably buy 10 different Cuba's for $40 - $60. Good luck.

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