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    Question Your favourite pot pourri recipe?

    What's your favourite pot pourri recipe?

    I'm a raw beginner here, made some pot pourri last year with rose petals but it's getting musty, so it's time to make some more. I have a garden full of gorgeous, fragrant roses, lavender and herbs, and I also have some orris root, but can get other supplies from local health store which has a large range of dried herbs, flowers and spices.

    I want a pot pourri that smells mainly of roses and lavender, but with some judicious additions of spices, etc. Would vanilla be a good ingredient? If so, in what form? And does anyone use chamomile flowers for pot pourri? I love chamomile tea!

    Grateful for any hints, tips and recipes you've tried.

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    I used to make potpourri eons ago. I like what you have so far. Maybe you could add some star anise and citrus peel. Lemon verbena is lovely. Do you use any essential oils in your potpourri? I like traditional potpourri: rose + citrus + spice. Lavender and lemon are nice together. You could use a vanilla pod, or add some vanilla oil, depending how strong you want the scent to be. Pommander balls are fun to make at Christmas, clove studded apples or oranges hung to dry. It's fun to experiment.
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    Thanks for some excellent suggestions - so far, I have just put some rose and lavender essential oils in, but in the next batch I'll experiment with citrus and spice. I also like the idea of including vanilla pods, which I think would be wonderful with rose.
    With one batch coming out well, I now feel the urge to get more creative with it!

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    I used tonka beans (pods) in potpourri, but I don't think they're easily obtainable anymore. I'm not sure why. Maybe the perfume industry bought up all the crops/futures. Maybe some other reason - like safety issues? We used to have access to all kinds of things back then that we don't now, some of them now deemed dangerous, and other materials were over harvested and are now rarer and very costly. Anyway, enjoy and good luck!

    One more non-potpourri related thing, in case you didn't already know: you can dry the empty vanilla pods from which you've scraped the seeds, say for making a custard, and put the dried pod into your sugar bowl to impart a mild vanilla scent to the sugar. It's lovely.
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