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    Default Re: Sandalwood Attempts

    You know my feelings from my private e-mail to you.

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    Default Re: Sandalwood Attempts

    I'm assuming the sample you're referring to is BPC Sandalwood? I just purchased from Twisted Lily last week and I've been posting my thoughts on Basenotes to share with others. I will be getting to the Sandalwood sometime later in the week :-)
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    Default Re: Sandalwood Attempts

    As it happens, I am making a Sandalwood blend myself for a new Zoologist Perfume need, so it will be fun to smell yours... :-0

    Thanks James,
    Paul Kiler
    PK Perfumes
    Gold Medal for "Best Aroma"; Los Angeles Artisan Fragrance Salon

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    Default Re: Sandalwood Attempts

    It's on the way.
    James Peterson

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    Default Re: Sandalwood Attempts

    I just received the 4 samples, of which one was the sandalwood.

    Briefly, all 4 are considerably superior -- to my personal taste, likelihood of using or wanting to use in a formula, and benefit I think I can get in a formula from using -- to any other base or accord I have purchased, whether from a big house such as Givaudan or quality products that are retailed. (EDIT: When receiving them, I was expecting a sandalwood base, and then saw samples with other base-like names, and so started evaluating like this, though thinking right away that they were so well balanced and perfumes themselves, which some bases somewhat approach. Indeed they would be stunning bases as well as perfumes.)

    I haven't tried everything available. I haven't tried Chris Bartlett's sandalwood, for example.

    I much too easily dislike things that are in fact commercially good. All four of these I am totally happy with. Thank you James!

    I have no suggestions for what I'd think would be improvement, or areas to criticize on any of them.

    It was also remarkable how they combine, which perfumes to me ordinarily don't do. The opened box gave a far superior perfume to the vast majority of what's sold, as the blend of the four, though I doubt they were formulated for specific intent to do that. It's amazing how they blend.
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    Default Re: Sandalwood Attempts

    Dear Bill,
    Thanks for your kind note. I really appreciate your positive feedback about my perfumes. Now I hope you can enjoy wearing them.

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    Default Re: Sandalwood Attempts

    And thank you Jim!

    I wrote within minutes actually after receiving, because of being so favorably impressed.

    With the advantage of just a bit more thought and perception, it's obvious to me that while what I wrote was absolutely true -- these would be extremely useful as bases for construction of other formulas, moreso than anything I've bought that was aimed towards that -- and my original context of thought was your asking about sandalwood formula and the names sound like bases -- they stand so well alone that that was the wrong context to view them in.

    I'll see how they develop with time, but so far extremely pleased with them as perfumes themselves, rather than my idea of superb bases, resulting from having for some reason expected a sandalwood base at the time of asking for the sample.

    For perfumes, the combining ability they have with any of themselves, and I'm sure with other things, is really unusual. I don't think I've seen it. That also likely contributed to my first thinking. Ordinarily a perfume is in a particular "place" whether other things will interfere with it, or it with them. Not so here. Remarkable.
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    Default Re: Sandalwood Attempts

    I totally agreeBill I recieved my package and before I tried any of them on they all made a wonderful harmony. I also agree that they can strictly be considered bases because they do morph as time goes by. As I write this the patchouli note I'm the Amber is starting to come out and my nose is picking up a hint of coumarin. I might be wrong on what I'm smelling compared to what James really put in fragrance, but it is most beautiful and the sandlewood smells amazing too and as I continue to smell it on my other wrist I feel like I'm getting touches of some musk within it. Well done James, as a student perfumer I must say I'm impressed and a little envious lol

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    Default Re: Sandalwood Attempts

    I would conside that sandalwood base to be superior to most professional attempts I've smelled, and often by a long shot. It's balanced, rich, and projects, with a nice heart, filling out the "smell spectrum" with a certain, almost nuttiness (or a similar quality) that captures part of the spirit of complex, natural sandalwood. There were also a couple fine notes that mirror those in high grade mysore.

    So I think Mr. Peterson has achieved that, moreover, in an area of perfumery that could be considered somewhat a benchmark, in my book.

    And this might be biased, but I would expect one of us regular Basenoters to do very well, judging by the level of conversation here. So there is also some pride in being able to converse with such talented people and then sample their creations that mirror the level of conversation.

    Having said that I hope the somewhat large amount of specific feedback I provided can be taken in the spirit in which it was intended, in the context of this being quite an impressive accord, but imagining everything I would be thinking about had I created it, like a self-dialogue. I was asked for feedback, and that's just the way my brain works. I do realize that if someone just wanted a couple sentences, that could be annoying. Please ignore what you please.

    Thanks for the nice experience.
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    Default Re: Sandalwood Attempts

    Dear Doctor,
    Thank you for your encouraging note. I'll be eager to hear what you think of the other scents.

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    Default Re: Sandalwood Attempts

    James is the sample you've distributed the same as what is available on the website labeled "Sandalwood?" If so I'll order it up from the site as the reviews here are too compelling to miss this.

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    Default Re: Sandalwood Attempts

    Oh yes. They're identical.

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    Default Re: Sandalwood Attempts

    Quote Originally Posted by James Peterson View Post
    Oh yes. They're identical.
    Great, thanks.

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