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    Lightbulb Looking for fragrance sales job

    So I am lost at the moment I want to get a fragrance retail sales job in London I do know about the perfume shop etc but the question is do I contact the fragrance houses or the retailers etc Selfridges, House of Fraser. Also any advice to get into this field would be greatly appreciated =)

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    Default Re: Looking for fragrance sales job

    There is a long thread with a lot of advice about this topic, though it is based on the U.S. Probably similar in London though with the larger retailers.

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    Default Re: Looking for fragrance sales job

    It it's a privately owned perfume shop they'll care whether you know about perfumes. If its a department store they'll care whether you know how to sell perfumes.
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    You could always apply to the Perfume Shop, gain some experience (you didn't say whether or not you did) and then try to move to a larger department store's specialist fragrance counter/area. I know for sure that the Perfume Shop are recruiting as my local one had a sign up saying they had both junior positions as well as management.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Looking for fragrance sales job

    If you want a retail job, show your interest at the store. I wouldn't think that having experience at The Perfume Shop would necessarily advance your career at any other place (unless you're completely new to retail) so my advice would be to focus your energies on getting a job in a good perfume store. I doubt whether any of them pay highly, i had a friend who worked at that store that mixes the scents freshly (is it in Liberty?) and they were all pretty much on minimum wage even after a year or two.

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