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    Red face l'Homme + Heat = WIN

    I can't tell you how much I enjoyed l'Homme today.
    It absolutely shines in the heat.
    It's ridiculous.

    Great projection.
    Great longevity.
    Highly recommended for the summer.
    This stuff beats Acqua di Gio and citric "Sport" clones to a pulp.

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    Default Re: l'Homme + Heat = WIN

    Yup, been wearing this a lot lately. It does rock in the heat, but I still find the longevity well below average.
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    Default Re: l'Homme + Heat = WIN

    A very nice scent IMO.

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    Default Re: l'Homme + Heat = WIN

    Good scent, independent from the hype created around it, the blend of its notes actually have that special something.

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    Default Re: l'Homme + Heat = WIN

    The longevity for me is average. Probably around 6 hours? But I agree this frag works extremely well in the heat!
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    5. Creed Aventus / Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

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    Default Re: l'Homme + Heat = WIN

    Yep, the citrus, ginger, tonka combo works well.

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    Default Re: l'Homme + Heat = WIN

    Very good scent, and I really like this fragrance a lot. But like what others implied, longevity is mediocre.
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    Default Re: l'Homme + Heat = WIN

    This is great to know.....Thanks for the info!!!

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    Default Re: l'Homme + Heat = WIN

    I personally don't like L'Homme, but I think this one is a very good casual scent. Both longervity and sillage of L'Homme on my skin are so good and strong, more than 8hours.

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    Default Re: l'Homme + Heat = WIN

    You know, I understand why some people are/were upset with this release, especially the guys who love the old YSL fragrances like Kouros, M7, Rive Gauche. I am a big fan of Kouros and Rive Gauche.

    You know, like those classic fragrances stood out in their respective times, I think l'Homme really stands out in this genre.
    This is a lot better compared to the overload of Sport fragrances.

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