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    Question Has anyone ever tried Heaven's Alchemy perfumes?

    I saw an ad on a website that took me to their site:

    I clicked because I was absolutely astounded by the beauty of their Paris bottle. Has anyone else ever heard about them or tried their scents? I looked them up online but only found links linking back to their website.

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    Default Re: Has anyone ever tried Heaven's Alchemy perfumes?

    I received samples from Heaven's Alchemy in a subscription box last year (Kyoto and St. Petersburg) and the Kyoto sample is what actually got me into perfume! I am certainly no expert in fragrances, having so recently discovered I even enjoy them, but so far the samples I have tried from Heaven's Alchemy seem high quality. I got a small bottle of Kyoto and with it came more samples (of Jerusalem, Dubai, and another St. Petersburg) and while I'm not sure about those scents in particular, all of them seem well made and have amazing staying power. Sorry I can't be help, but I would definitely say they are worth at least sampling!

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