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    Question reminiscence patchouli - thoughts?

    From my understanding this was launched in 1970 as a female fragrance containing no floral just patchouli vetiver and wood notes. A male counter part was recently released and from my reading online it seems that it is a castrated version of female version.

    Any comments on which one I should bother checking out? Original or homme version?

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    Default Re: reminiscence patchouli - thoughts?

    Don't have any info on the 1970 female version, but I have the current one in my collection and along with Micallef's Patchouli are among my favorite patchouli prominent scents.

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    Default Re: reminiscence patchouli - thoughts?

    I own both and a decant of the Elixir; they are pretty much the same, mainly the strength is different.
    If you like your patch to be strong and a bit sweeter go for the ladies´version.
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