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    Red face Plz recommend Must Have "niche" and "designer" for female

    hey guys,

    this is my 1st time here. a friend recommended this site and i already seem to love it. I have always been crazy about perfumes and this surely is the right place to be.

    In my collection I already have a few designer perfumes... my fav being Dior's J'Dore, Versace Crystal Noir, Ysl Parisianne, Nina Ricci's Ricci Ricci.

    I now wanna own few Must HAVEs. Would love ur recommendations. After reading reviews, i felt i must go for Guerlain shalimar or Aqua Allegoria Lys... Plz suggest.

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    Default Re: Plz recommend Must Have "niche" and "designer" for female


    As you can imagine, everybody has his or her own must haves.

    So let's say the classics. It is hard to get more classic than Shalimar, so yes to Shalimar (the original one, not the various flankers); it is a vanillic, resiny oriental, though, quite different from the ones you seems to like, which are more big florals with fruity overtones. In that category, a classic is Fracas by Piguet (big, buttery tuberose). Or, to remain within Guerlain classics, Nahema, a huge rose jam. In niche, something by Lutens, who specializes in big, saturated fruity-woody scents, such as for instance Feminite du bois or Bois de violette.


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    Default Re: Plz recommend Must Have "niche" and "designer" for female

    I have a weak spot for Narciso Rodriguez for Her (EdP) on a woman. Certainly a "designer fragrance", but one of a kind.I also like the Bvlgari-range for women, especially the antithetical Jasmin Noir (mysterious girl) and Omnia Amethyste (blond angel).

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    Default Re: Plz recommend Must Have "niche" and "designer" for female

    Welcome Anuja!
    Get Lys Soleia. Shalimar will always be there for you to try, but the Aqua Allegorias are usually discontinued after a year, only a few get to hang around longer than that. So if you like it, get it now.

    Another one from Guerlain you should consider trying is La Petite Robe Noire (it hasn't been launched worldwide yet), I think it's a great example of a modern Guerlain.

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    Default Re: Plz recommend Must Have "niche" and "designer" for female

    Welcome, anuja!

    The first one that springs to mind is Tom Ford's Black Orchid; l may think of more later.

    As for niche; it is a good idea to sample a lot to help you decide what notes you enjoy or are curious about. l don't know how easy it is for you to get samples in your locality, but online l recommend Luckyscent, The Perfumed Court & Surrender to Chance. On these sites you can do a search based on notes & come up with suggestions for fragrances you might like.

    Good luck, & do keep us posted on your findings!
    "What is this secret connection between the soul, and sea, clouds and perfumes? The soul itself appears to be sea, cloud and perfume..." - from Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis.

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    Default Re: Plz recommend Must Have "niche" and "designer" for female


    Hypnose by Lancome - the marriage of coconuty frangipani with peach provides a tropical sweetness which is nicely countered by a green jasmine. The sparkling top is nicely segued to the warm woody base with its sweet vanilla tempered with an earthy vetiver ... not particularly daring but pleasant and lovely nonetheless ... a well crafted composition ...


    In White by J. Del Pozo - a pleasant, feminine fragrance which spotlights various white flowers, including jasmine, magnolia, and lemon, orange and almond blossoms inter alia, floating within a gentle musk ... the floral is not heavy-handed ... its longevity and sillage are very good ....


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    Default Re: Plz recommend Must Have "niche" and "designer" for female

    Wow... Thank u soooooooooo much guys!! this has been such a gr8 help! I have a lot of them to try now! absolutely loving this! Thnk u all once again!

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    Default Re: Plz recommend Must Have "niche" and "designer" for female

    Samsara and Felanilla.

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    Default Re: Plz recommend Must Have "niche" and "designer" for female

    Micallef Royal Oud Rose

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