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    Default Article: An Interview with Eddie Roschi co-founder of Le Labo

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    Default Re: Article: An Interview with Eddie Roschi co-founder of Le Labo

    Great Interview , thanks Lila and Eddie

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    Oooh "Cuir 28" sounds well intriguing ! ... (I guess I'm gonna have to start saving ;))
    I had actually been wondering when LeLabo might be releasing a "Cuir" 'fume. So nice to know it's already in the pipe-line. ... (The only down side is that it's gonna be in the more expensive & more difficult to source CE line. ~ Which can really be a bit of a b*tch to get your hands on sometimes).

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    Shop opening? - Paris mid July. Hmmmm... next week - whooppee

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    I like this man Eddie! Great interview with him I hope I could have a chance to interview him too.

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    Wow. Superlative interview! I totally buy into that 'beauty in imperfection'... I have always been drawn towards 'flawed beauty'. Glad they are coming out with travel sets.

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    Default Re: Article: An Interview with Eddie Roschi co-founder of Le Labo

    This guy is cool!
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    Nice interview.

    I wish Le Labo were available in Hong Kong - it would save me hopping up to Park Hyatt Ningbo every few months and 'liberating' extra bottles of the Bergamot shower gel to bring home.

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    Any chance the Cuir 28 will be available wide-scale before becoming exclusive to Dubai?

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    Have heard rumors about this Cuir 28 for awhile now. Any chance it will be available on a wider scale before becoming an exclusive to Dubai?

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