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Thread: Amouage Cristal

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    I just received this bottle of Amouage Cristal:

    Can anyone tell me anything about this one? I've looked through the directory, but the nearest match I could find was 'Silver Cristal Men'. Is this the same thing?

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    It's the old Amouage Gold, before the reformulation of the reformulation. 90's version, or maybe even 80's version. Louder than the original Gold Omani daggar. This is the best version, you should feel really lucky!

    My no.1 Romantic scent!

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    Many thanks for the reply. That's interesting, as I actually already have what I took to be the original version of 'Gold' in the same style bottle. I'd assumed 'Cristal' was a different fragrance, but on trying it was immediately reminded of 'Gold', which now makes perfect sence. I love 'Gold' and I'm very keen on the 'dagger' bottles, so I'm really pleased to have this one.

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