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    Default Posh Peasant or Perfumed Court?

    Have decided to order some samplers of fumes I'd otherwise never have an opportunity to try...question is, which website do you prefer? Posh Peasant or TPC?

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    Default Re: Posh Peasant or Perfumed Court?

    I would let fragrance selection and invoice total determine my choice. I don't think you can go wrong either way.
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    Default Re: Posh Peasant or Perfumed Court?

    Surrender to Chance is my new favorite when it comes to needing samples.
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    Default Re: Posh Peasant or Perfumed Court?

    If I bought samples, which I don't, I'd choose the latter for their selection.

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    Default Re: Posh Peasant or Perfumed Court?

    I've tried most of the major samples and decant sources, finding most kind of overpriced or poorly packaged. Just received my first ever order from The Post Peasant yesterday and wanted to say how pleased I was. Hope this doesn't seem too shilly.

    Usually sample-buying is a bit of a begrudging process for me, like, oh great, let's waste a little money on a bunch of tiny vials of stuff that might be terrible and can't be judged from such a small acquaintance . Yes, I know it's still better than blind-buying full bottles, but I get tired of the intensity and minutiae of the sampling process even though at first it was a thrill.

    I ordered a bunch of decants of hard-to-find things like Norma Kamali Incense from Posh Peasant, and I really like the clean and organized way that they package their samples (still in ziplocks with sticker labels, but not leaky or cheap looking), and the victorian looking plush deep burgundy pouch they sent the samples in beautifully retains the smell of all of the samples combined.

    The selection is by no means huge and not a lot of vintage, but it seems they do recent rarities very well, and it's worth a look. I think I'm going to order the Donna Karan cult favorites from them next. Another thing: I think the spray samples waste a lot of product whereas the dab-on often smells richer and truer to the scent when it comes to perfume concentration. Instead of getting the larger spray vials, I'll get several of the small dab-on.

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    Oh, one problem with Posh Peasant: their website isn't very well-organized. The listing and search function isn't very high-tech or efficient. My cart repeatedly went empty if I was browsing for too long before purchasing, and there's apparently no way to save cart contents! On many samples of the same size, Posh Peasant is about 10-40% cheaper than TPC, so if a frustrating website is worth that, by all means.

    TPC's website allows one to save a wish list and also saves the cart contents and has a fine selection of vintage.

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