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    Default bottle with horse on it

    Hi all. Can anyone help? for the last 30 years I have been trying to find a scent bottle like the one my Dad gave me just before he died. It was a white Devon violet scent bottle with a picture of a brown horse with a black mane, with a tree in the background. One of my children dropped it and shatered it beyond repair. I have been looking for another ever since. Dad bought it in a shop in Mortenhampstead in the late 70s. I think I must have looked in every gift shop in Devon in my quest, but in vain.
    Can anyone help?

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    Default Re: bottle with horse on it

    In my experience, the best way to find something unusual like that is to create a search on eBay and save the search, so that any time a bottle is listed that meets your search criteria, you get an automated email.

    It may take a good while before one is listed, but sooner or later most things show up on eBay.

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    Default Re: bottle with horse on it

    Could it be one of the Ralph Lauren Polo bottles?

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    Default Re: bottle with horse on it

    The only image I can think of is Brandy:
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    Default Re: bottle with horse on it

    Do you think you are absolutely sure it was Devon Violets? Was the perfume inside dark green?

    Just a thought, I wonder if the bottle is in any of the backgrounds of family pictures.

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    Just another thought. I have a feeling Crown Devon pottery is the same pottery that paints the Devon Violets bottles and I know some of the Crown Devon stuff had rural scenes on them.
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    Default Re: bottle with horse on it

    Hi all, thanks for your help. I will have to go through the photo albums. Never thought of that. I cannot remember the perfume, just the bottle. It was a little white porcelin bottle like you often see in tourist souviner shops. It would not have been expensive, my Dad never had any money, but it ment the world to me. Anyway, I have set up e-bay to see if one turns up, (well the kids did) and will investigate Crown Devon Pottery. Regards Doglover.

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