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    Question First impressions of Pixxxie Pieand Posie - anyone tried these?

    Hi All,

    I ordered 3 samples from Pixxxie Pie & Posie on Etsy, but was surprised to find little to no reviews online for this "house". They are all natural (my first naturals that actually smell good on me!), and when I received my samples, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I ordered Barbaroi, Sirius Black, and Blue Velvet.

    Blue Velvet had a too-sweet candle-like blueberry note that spoiled it for me, but Sirius Black and Barbaroi are gorgeous! I immediately ordered 10 more samples, lol!

    The only issue I have is that I feel like sillage is low, but that could be my nose. I messaged her asking if she might be making eau de parfums, and she said she is thinking about it (yay!). Would love to hear if anyone else has tried them. The packaging and marketing is brilliant, and you can see that "Madame Raquel" really does this with a lot of love.

    Notes below:

    —–Barbaroi – (primary notes: frankincense and sandalwood)
    Barbaroi is rich, spicy and exotic wonder-stuff. Boldly balsamic, the aroma is earthy, dark-woodsy and warm like a perfume from ancient times. Golden notes of Frankincense entangle with rare Sandalwood & a voluptuous scent full of fiery sensuality and depth is born.


    —–Blue Velvet – (primary notes: wild blueberry & violet)
    Blue Velvet is darkly lustrous stuff, its fruity sweetness subdued and transformed by a heavy pressing of sensual violets. Notes of musk and wild green things move in shadows at her edges, creating a labyrinth of complexity that evolves upon the skin with the passing of the hours.

    —–Sirius Black – (primary notes: immortelle flowers, teak, musk)
    Sirius Black is deep, charming, unbelievably warm and sweetly dangerous. Precious Immortelle flowers drizzle this aroma in a syrup-heavy caramel, whose musky sweetness is balanced by Indonesian Teak.
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    Perfume appeals to my nose the way music appeals to my ears, exquisite food to my taste buds, photography to my eyes, and great loving from my man to my sense of touch.

    I can safely conclude, then, that PERFUME IS ART in its purest form.

    As an artist, I therefore have a responsibility to buy as much perfume as I can. You know, to learn about art and all.

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