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    Default My new purchase....Dior Leather oud....

    Heyyyyy guys...I've been testing Dior leather oud for past two days now....To be honest this is my first oud scent and i've been looking to get into ouds for sometime now....I have smelt oud oils and attars before and i personally think they're divine.....I have been really let down by leather oud cos of the lack of oud maybe or maybe i dont know wat is it, but then they are not appealing to the nose as the real thing is...They are well done, no complains about the scent but that arabic feelin is somethin which is totally missing to my nose....I have been planning to try montales and stuff, but then i really want the expert opinions if they are gonna solve my purpose or no....i also have rose oud by kilian which i found very feminine and i'm afraid the oud was missing for me there too....
    I'd really appreciate if you guys can help me out with wat to try....i'm lookin for those typical arabic smells that people from middle east wear...i still wonder wat is it that makes them smell so unique and good.....All ur suggestions mean a lot....please guide me through this....thank you....

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    Default Re: My new purchase....Dior Leather oud....

    Sorry you had a disappointing experience with Leather Oud. Perhaps you could try Original Aoud by Montale which is only oud.

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    Default Re: My new purchase....Dior Leather oud....

    Hedonist, where are you???

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    Default Re: My new purchase....Dior Leather oud....

    That's too bad. I really enjoyed Leather Oud. It seems like you are a candidate for the real thing. Why not investigate the arabian perfume houses and buy an attar ?

    I personally couldn't do a pungent oud oil. That is why I would purchase a more westernized version such as Leather Oud.

    Are you keeping your bottle ?

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    Default Re: My new purchase....Dior Leather oud....

    I have tested the real Oud oils and for me they were not very good as wearable fragrances. Though the synthetic take on the minefield of funky Ouds can be good. I love leather Oud with its saddle leather and the burning smoky Oud Wood wrapped in a honey civet muskyness.

    As to recommendations, Dark Aoud by Montale and Monas Oud and not forgetting Xerjoffs Gourmand Oud Mamluk are all worth checking out.
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    Default Re: My new purchase....Dior Leather oud....

    I love the skankyness of Leather Oud but like Jack says it is the smell of smoky oud chips. I second Dark Oud as an oud sandalwood scent, dry and delicious. Black Oud is more of a rose scent IMHO but wonderful. Do check out several Montale scents. Also like Harrod's Oud. I don't have enough experience with eastern oud fragrances but have sniffed several oils and ouds have complex and very different profiles.
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    Default Re: My new purchase....Dior Leather oud....

    Since hedonist is likely going to bed now, we'll convey his thought. He explained that Leather oud smells like oud chips smoke, not fresh oud oil. Excellent, but I guess you were looking for oud oil and dislike the leather/smoked part. The Montales are more traditional, but they are very potent, so they have to be approached with caution; I like especially aoud lime (saffrony) and black aoud (with rose). I don't dislike the Tom Ford oud wood either; overpriced, but standard and correct synthetic oud reconstruction; but at that point, as others were suggesting, you might as well go into Arabian synth oud oils, which are much cheaper. (Real oud oils, of course, would be much more expensive).


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    Default Re: My new purchase....Dior Leather oud....

    Crazy boy--
    Since you're already familiar with oud oil somewhat sounds like you're looking for someone here with more expertise on mukhallats. I'm not really that person, but I do like oud centered fragrances very much many of which would probably be
    considered to be of more of a western style than mukhallat. I think anyone interested in ouds would benefit from trying Xerjoff's recent Oud Star line, all expertly made and all different. Zafar and Gao to my nose are standouts, and Najaf, Fars and Mamluk are favored by other BNers here. Personally I like Leather Oud initially very much when the oud is a little more evident. I feel
    the civet takes over a little too much as it dries down. But that's just me. There are so many decent oud fragrances just now, all of them offering different takes, all have their fans. Amouage Epic Man has been around a bit longer and seems to have become something of a classic. Montale Dark Aoud is on it's way perhaps to becomming a classic. I personally think it's a must try. Roja Dove makes a great Rose Oud, not my thing, but definately first rate. MFK's recent Oud, Mona di Orio's Oud, Oud 27, all definately worth a try. Creed has their typically user friendly Royal Oud, not too much oud but what did we expect and certainly not a bad fragrance oud or not. Al Oudh by L'Artisan is a lovely low key little oriental oud very often overlooked it seems. And my favorite By Kilian Pure Oud. My personal experience with oud oil has been a good one but is very limited. Whether Arabic
    perfume users would ever wear anything like the oud fragrances I've mentioned I can't tell you. Happy hunting.

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    Default Re: My new purchase....Dior Leather oud....

    Every suggestion above means a lot to me...Cant thank you guys enough for tryin to help me out....i genuinely am looking for an arabic scent, i hope one of the above mentioned scents serves my purpose.....
    @ Dernier.cri....You've explained the scents perfectly....would try and go through those, hopefully i find the one for me....Thanks a ton....

    @ Cacio....i would surely try the montales that you've mentioned....i have oud wood, but then again its a very well done scent but not somethin that solves the purpose for me....i cant smell much of oud there....

    @Akahina....Dark oud and black oud are surely on my to try list....Harrods oud is too expensive as its hard to find in a normal bottle...

    @ Jack Hunter.....I would surely try wat you have recommended....and i dont know wat stuff i have smelt, they used to call it attars, but then they are really appealing and i wonder if there is someone who would'nt be fond of them...

    @ thatmakesscents....Yeah thats wat i plan to do exactly....and as far as the bottle, well i'll come back to it in couple of weeks....who knows if i like it otherwise if not for the oud....

    @ Hednic....will give original oud by montale a try....Thanks for the help...

    Thank you guys again....i hope i find the right oud scent for me....or else will start studyin the arabic market....Really appreciate...

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    Default Re: My new purchase....Dior Leather oud....

    alfarom, cacio was right. I was getting to bed . A man needs his beauty sleep.

    cacio, thoroughly agree with what you say.

    To the OP, Rose Oud is full of oud. Fulll full.

    If you were relatively familiar with oud you would have detected something oud-like in Leather Oud or clearly recognized it in Rose Oud.
    The issue with most Montales is that the oud is blended , I selectively use this word, blatantly.
    - I'm oud, you're a European/American hungering for oud. Buy me now. -

    At this point I'd say you need to familiarize yourself with oud oil.
    Try to get something from Ajmal or Rasasi. A tola (12ml) of mediocre grade costs about $200. Anything above that and it starts getting better in quality.

    Lastly, for really nice mukhalats I urge you to try most of the Amouage line. They use very good oud and blend very nice perfumes.
    They market them as perfumes but in essence they are mukhalat.
    Mukhalat literally means blended. This refers to when oud is blended with other accords to make a perfume. i.e: Amouage
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    Default Re: My new purchase....Dior Leather oud....

    i love dior

    i love oud

    i need to try this.

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    Default Re: My new purchase....Dior Leather oud....

    I love Dior
    I hate Ouds

    I wish their private line wasn't so damn private so I could sample these!

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    Default Re: My new purchase....Dior Leather oud....

    If you want something along the lines of an Arabian Oud why not try Epic Man by Amouage?

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    Default Re: My new purchase....Dior Leather oud....

    +1 Montales, Ajmals or Rasasis otherwise go for some pure oud oil (check out the oud group for discussions on this).

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